US NEWS: Biden clarifies the tone of retaining jobs in the United States in the Michigan swing

WILMINGTON, Del. – Democratic Alliance-elected President Joe Biden will raise taxpayers transporting American services overseas by visiting Wednesday in the state of Michigan, which is the American automotive industry.

Biden and his rival, President Donald Trump, intensified their eight-week march on the November 3 election during the coronavirus epidemic that made running a traditional campaign impossible.

On a visit to the Detroit suburbs where Trump won in 2016, Biden will issue “tax” plans for money from overseas products sold in the United States, campaign aides said.

Biden, who has already proposed a corporate tax increase from 21% to 28%, will set a target of 30.8% on this profit.

The plan looks at a 10% tax credit partner for companies that open closed areas, repatriate jobs in the United States or increase their production earnings.

While those measures will need to be approved by the organization, Biden will also provide details on a number of official directives he will sign as President, illegal measures to ensure the government buys more American goods.

Biden’s planned rally in Warren, Michigan, comes at a time when the former vice president is trying to persuade voters that he could be the best decision to revive the U.S. economy. Coronavirus.

Although Biden led Trump in almost all national polls for months, the issue was a matter of urgency and a Ipsos poll on Wednesday showed that the two dead people were economically dead by 45% each. The poll showed Biden a full 12 percent lead among potential voters.

Trump won in 2016 promising to undo the loss of years of U.S. manufacturing jobs in places like Michigan, holding less than 11,000 votes.

Factory jobs grew in value after Trump took office, but profits were squandered during the epidemic.

Meanwhile, Biden’s team aims to beat Trump for his remarkable legitimacy, a 2017 tax bill that lowered corporate corporate values ​​but also allowed companies to move jobs overseas.

In recent months, Biden has launched an economic recovery program he calls “Build a Better Background,” while also attacking Trump for his response to the COVID-19 outbreak and anti-apartheid protests that have engulfed many major U.S. cities.

Biden’s plan requires billions of dollars in investment in manufacturing, infrastructure, environmental development and care, and says Trump is focused on corporate welfare and tax cuts for the rich instead of helping working families.

Trump praised the stock market gains in recent months and said his tax cuts and tax administration had helped build a stronger economy before the crisis.

At a campaign rally in North Carolina on Tuesday, Trump accused Biden of sponsoring US jobs and said the economy would face a crisis if Biden were elected President.

He also sought to block Biden’s momentum by ensuring that the former vice president would empower left-wing activists and argue that he was the only one who could restore “law and order” on American roads.

“The staff sees this as a party and will run in the next and next presidential elections after our activities,” said Terry Bowman, co-chairman of the Michigan Republican Party and Ford Motor Co (FN) who works for the party. of journalists. “I can tell you that you are working directly on the assembly line – I can tell you that Trump’s support has just gone up and is very high.”

The president will not campaign on Wednesday but is expected to visit Michigan and Pennsylvania later in the week.

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