US NEWS: Biden could name top staff as Trump tries to block change

WILMINGTON, Del./ASHINGTON – President-elect Joe Biden will focus on forming his White House party on Tuesday as outgoing President Donald Trump continues his tough struggle against his defeat in the US election.

Biden’s campaigners have been discussing their role in the new administration and the new administration on January 20.

U.S. Attorney Cedric Richmond, a former Biden national campaign chairman and former chairman of the Congress Black Black Caucus, is expected to join senior officials, such as Steve Ricchetti, a longtime adviser close to Biden, the man said. Richmond’s move will leave his Louisiana congregation seat open.

Jen O’Malley Dillon, who was introduced earlier this year as Biden’s campaign manager and the first woman to lead a successful campaign for the presidency of the Democratic Alliance, is expected to be appointed as deputy chief of staff.

Many roles could be unveiled this week, though Biden may have just a few weeks to complete the list of cabinet candidates.

None of these nominees can be reached for comment. A spokesman for Biden’s revolutionary party declined to comment.

Biden, a Democrat, is also expected to find a forum for national security threats from his advisers. Trump, a Republican who did not run in the November 3 election, barred him from getting a different spy speech that is often given to his successor to replace it.

General Services Manager Emily Murphy did not accept Biden as “a visible winner.” Department spokesman Murphy said the manager had done the same and would “do entertainment once the winner is clear.

Republican Trump has always been angry and contemptuous on social media as some prominent Republicans say Biden should be considered the president-elect.

Trump’s national security adviser, Robert O’Brien, said on Monday he would ensure there was a technological change in case Biden was considered the winner.

“If the Biden-Harris ticket is determined to win, and it is clear that things look like it now, we will have a technological change from the National Security Council,” O’Brien told the Global Security Forum.

At a press conference on Monday, Biden also urged Trump to work with devolution, saying the new COVID-19 epidemic means lives are at stake.

Although the winner of the election did not appear for four days, Biden’s victory is clear as more votes have been counted.

Biden won the most popular but not the most important symbolic vote nationally with at least 5.6 million votes, or 3.6 percent of the vote.

At the most important Electoral College and provincial polling station, Biden won the 270 votes needed to win Trump’s 306 to 232 votes.

As countries work to confirm those results before the December 8 deadline, Trump and his supporters claim he has been deceived, but so far those baseless allegations have failed to get a court order.

One of Trump’s legal challenges will be heard Tuesday in a Pennsylvania corporate court, where a legal attack could undermine his already existing hopes.

U.S. Regional Judge Matthew Brann will hear controversy in Trump’s campaign case seeking to suspend a top political official in securing Biden’s victory.

To stay in office, Trump will need to reverse the results in at least three of the most contested states in an unprecedented way, and he has no formal means of doing so.

Trump supporters are also hopeful that the calculation could bring back the country’s results, although experts say Biden’s marriages appear invincible.

Georgia makes a handwritten statement, but in Wisconsin Trump’s campaign he will have to pay for the accounting in advance. The Wisconsin Electoral Commission on Monday estimated that such a recount could cost $ 7.9 million.

Georgia’s top election official, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, told the Washington Post that he had been under pressure from some Republicans to file allegations of fraud or question the legitimacy of the official vote.

He also said he and his wife had received death threats. “Everyone who works in this regard needs to raise their voice. We must think carefully and be careful what we say. ”

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