US NEWS: Biden in Ohio to recruit blue-headed voters

CLEVELAND, July 6 – US President Joe Biden has praised plans to tighten pensions for millions of Americans during a visit to Ohio to recruit voters who are frustrated by inflation.

“We have seen the danger faced by millions of workers as they look at the pensions they have been hard at turning into promises made. We have seen before this epidemic and the economic crisis that has followed the millions of retirees who were at risk of losing their security when they retired without their fault, ”Biden told union supporters in Cleveland.

While the urban areas of Ohio favored Democrats in Biden, the president has tried to withdraw from the Republican rule in the rural areas through repeated visits and calls for union workers in the province.

Wednesday’s trip was the fourth in Ohio as president.

Biden has promised to rescue workers’ pensions, from truck drivers to musicians, in the campaign.

“We have turned the promise that was broken into a promise kept. It is important for workers, it is important for their families, it is important for the country, ”said Biden.

As part of the COVID-19 aid bill called the American Rescue Plan, the White House and other Biden Democrats received financial assistance from multiple employer’s pension funds in the first months of Biden’s administration.

These funds, made up of employers’ agreements with unions, are expected to be debt-free by 2026. The proposed subsidy will remain in place until 2051.

Rising prices have left control of Biden and Democrats in the US Senate and House at risk in the mid-November elections. Ohio, which won former President Donald Trump in 2020, is home to the Senate race this year.

Biden’s public accreditation rates are close to the low level of his presidency, as 57 percent of Americans disagree with his performance, according to a Reuters / Ipsos vote on June 28.

When Biden visited Ohio in May, he promised to restore jobs, rebuild the state-owned manufacturing industry and resist competition from China.

The message came as a shock when Intel Corp (INTC.O) postponed the July 22 event in the computer industry near the provincial capital of Columbus, after a planned investment of more than $ 50 billion in the semiconductor industry in Congress.

With inflation becoming a major problem for voters across the country, Biden officials have reversed fears of a recession, saying it could curb inflation without creating a major recession.

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