US NEWS: Biden introduces COVID-19 party, Trump organizes election rallies

WASHINGTON – President-elect Joe Biden will call a coronavirus team on Monday to assess the 1st problem he faced when he took office in January, with President Donald Trump following a number of gamblers to hold on to his job.

Biden is expected to meet with an advisory board headed by former Surgeon General Vivek Murthy and former Food and Drug Administration Commissioner David Kessler to explore the best way to control the epidemic that has killed more than 237,000 Americans here.

The former Democratic vice president will then deliver a speech in Wilmington, Delaware, on his plans to tackle COVID-19 and rebuild the economy. He has spent a lot of time campaigning against Trump’s handling of these issues and has promised to listen to scientists to guide his approach.

Trump has always been at loggerheads with top health officials over the epidemic. Deputy President Mike Pence is expected to meet with the White House coronavirus team on Monday for the first time since October 20.

Biden took over the presidency on Saturday, four days after the November 3 election, removing the 270 Electoral College votes needed to win the White House. He defeated Trump with more than 4 million votes nationwide, making Trump the first president to lose the re-election since 1992.

But Trump has not denied defeat and has filed a number of electoral fraud claims without proof. State officials say they are unaware that something is amiss.

Trump has no public events scheduled for Monday, and has not spoken publicly since Thursday. As part of a public campaign to question the election results, he plans to hold constructive rallies to support his war on the outcome, said campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh.

Biden’s advisers move forward even more peacefully, taking into account those who will run for top Cabinet posts. But the change will not change to higher gear until the U.S. The General Services Administration, which oversees the organization’s assets, guarantees the winner.

Emily Murphy, Trump’s nominee in charge of the organization, did not give permission for the transition to begin. A GSA spokesman did not provide a timetable for the decision.

Until then, the GSA could continue to provide the Biden team with offices, computers and post-test security permits, but they are currently unable to access government agencies or access government funds set aside for conversion.

The Biden campaign on Sunday has forced the party to move forward.

“The security of the United States and the economy depends on the provincial government showing clearly and promptly that the United States government will respect the will of the American people and participate in the transfer of power smoothly and peacefully,” the campaign said in a statement.

Trump, however, has shown no signs of getting involved in change.

Murtaugh said Trump would hold a series of building meetings to support legal battles that challenge the outcome, though Murtaugh did not say when and where they would take place.

Trump will seek to substantiate his untrue allegations of vote-rigging by highlighting dead artisans in a campaign that claims to have voted for the election, Murtaugh said.

Trump also announced the parties to pursue a census of several provinces. Experts say that the effort, as in his case, is unlikely to succeed.

“The chances of counting tens of thousands of votes in the most favorable provinces are beyond anything we have seen in American history,” William Antholis, director of the University of Virginia’s Miller Center think tank, wrote in a statement on Sunday.

Leaders from around the world have offered their congratulations to Biden, including some of Trump’s allies, but the majority of Republican Republicans and Trump have yet to see a Democrat victory.

Republican lawmakers from Louisiana, Kentucky, Missouri and Oklahoma said they would take legal action on Monday to help Trump’s campaign challenge for how Pennsylvania handles postal votes, a popular choice this year for voters who want to avoid exposing coronavirus in crowded polling stations. It is unclear how they will help Trump’s legal team, led by David Bossie, a veteran political activist but not a lawyer.

Pennsylvania, the state that won Biden’s victory on Saturday, has become one of the most contested battlegrounds in the election.

Trump has repeatedly criticized voting by post as uncertain, although he himself voted that way in the last election and election experts say it is as reliable as other alternatives.

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