US NEWS: Biden introduces US government team ‘Buy Clean’

WASHINGTON, Feb 15 – The White House will on Tuesday announce a new team that will promote the use of low-cost building materials as it works to accelerate US government purchases of raw materials.

The move comes after President Joe Biden said in December the government, which buys goods and services worth more than $ 650 billion each year, plans to reduce its emissions by 65% ​​by 2030, in the process of eliminating zero by 2050.

A number of “Buy Clean Task Force” agencies are being set up to help “create markets for low-carbon products,” the Council on Environmental Quality and White House Office of Domestic Climate Policy, a management official told reporters.

It would recommend measures to improve federal procurement of clean building materials and the identification of building materials, such as steel and concrete, as well as pollutants that should be prioritized for consideration in a federal government procurement.

Construction is an important source of C02 emissions worldwide. Cement production, which is the main ingredient in concrete, accounted for 7% of global CO2 emissions by 2019, the International Energy Agency estimates.

The General Services Administration, the owner of the state house, will issue information requests Tuesday focusing on concrete and tar as it lists national standards for low carbon in Land Port of Entry projects.

The Department of Transport will also introduce new initiatives to improve the use of low-carbon materials in the organisation’s projects.

In his December management letter, Biden said the government, “as one of the world’s largest landowners, energy buyers and employers,” could “change” the way we build, buy and manage electricity, cars, buildings and other services to make it cleaner and more efficient. “

It also aims to end the government’s purchase of gas-powered cars by 2035. The coalition government will seek to use only electricity from non-carbon and non-polluting sources annually by 2030.

White House appeals to U.S. The Postal Service (USPS) this month to reconsider its plans to buy a multi-billion-dollar new car network, especially petrol vehicles.

The organization said it did not plan to buy more EVs without additional government funding.

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