US NEWS: Biden is pushing for a $ 1.75 billion spending plan, development slows down

WASHINGTON, Oct 28 – U.S. President Joe Biden said on Thursday he had received a brand new $ 1.75 billion framework for spending on economic and temperature change that would pass the Senate, and expressed confidence that it might be supported by all wings of the political party.

“Today i’m pleased to announce after months of hard and well-thought-out negotiations, i feel we’ve, i do know we’ve a historic economic framework,” which can create numerous jobs and permit the us to compete with China and other countries, Biden said after a last-minute trip to Congress. to spend money.

In a meeting with Democrats within the House of Representatives, Biden needed their support, per someone acquainted with the matter.

“I need your help; i would like your votes.” Biden told them. “I don’t think it’s hyperbole to mention that the bulk of the House and therefore the Senate (Democratic) and my president are determined by what happens next week.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hopes to carry a vote on Thursday on a $ 1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill. He told lawmakers that he wanted the vote to be abolished when Biden arrived in Rome tonight, where he was to attend a G20 summit, a spokesman said.

The situation puts a war of will on Congress between the central Democrats, who want the bipartisan infrastructure bill passed soon, and party developers who say they’ll not vote without a vote on a serious party spending bill. Same time.

U.S. Ambassador Pramila Jayapal, chair of the Congress Progressive Caucus, said the party would wish to determine any draft bill before it could promise to vote on infrastructure legislation.

“My understanding is that the draft is incredibly common. So let’s turn it into a political candidate document,” he said, as he attended a gathering with Biden within the U.S. Capitol.

Some 95-member caucus members support him. “We must keep the promise we made. We were very clear. we want to determine the 2 debts go hand in hand,” said representative Ilhan Omar.

The larger Biden budget framework launched on Thursday are going to be fully funded by removing certain tax deductions imposed under former President Donald Trump, imposing fines on the sale of corporate shares, and increasing taxes on the wealth of american citizens, the White House said. .

The framework includes $ 555 billion in global climate change, and 6 years of kindergarten funding, among other priorities of the agenda, but doesn’t include paid family vacations or billions in taxes.

The White House said the plan was backed by all 50 Democrats within the equally divided Senate and said it hoped the bill would pass with the House.

The president had hoped to succeed in an agreement earlier than a visit to the G20 summit in Rome, where atiny low global tax would be at the highest of the agenda, furthermore as a climate summit in Glasgow, where Biden hoped to spread the message that the us was back within the country. fighting warming.

Progressives vowed to dam the infrastructure bill until they see a bill to spend money on a society that invests in health care, education and global climate change mitigation, among other priorities. Some Republicans support the infrastructure measure but most lawmakers within the party oppose both laws, and Biden could lose only three votes within the House to pass.


Even if the draft is adopted within the coming days, as Democrats hope, Biden will attend the G20 summit and therefore the UN temperature change Conference without final legislation in hand because the u. s. seeks to ask other countries to require similar steps.

In addition to their small majority within the House, Democrats have little control over the Senate, with U.S. vice chairman Kamala Harris holding a divisive vote, meaning the law must find support in many developing areas with moderate party members.

The White House on Wednesday said Biden was “strong” in his departure and said he could continue working with lawmakers on his plan during his visit, including Democratic Alliance Senator Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, who opposed Biden’s initial plans.

“Details are important. within the weather, it’s life + death. So to try and do my job, i would like quite the IOU. There’s not much I can invite,” said US representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who continued, in an exceedingly post on Twitter. on Wednesday night.

House legislator Steny Hoyer told CNN that paid family vacation plans are off from the framework which $ 555 billion are invested in clean energy.

Jeffries failed to provide details of the framework but said he would support the agreement as there was an urgent must take drastic action whether or not the paid leave was canceled.

“If it seems that there are not any votes within the Senate, we are going to live and fight in the future,” he said.

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