US NEWS: Biden orders release of tourist logs in the Trump era

President Joe Biden has ordered the release of logs from Trump White House guest committee to the House committee investigating the January 6, 2021 protest, which also denied allegations by former President Donald Trump of administrative justice.

The committee has demanded a lot of information from the National Archives, including records that President Trump has fought to keep confidential.

Records released to Congress as guest logs show details of the nominations for the White House on the day of the uprising.

In a letter sent Monday to the National Archives, White House attorney Dana Remus said Biden had dismissed Trump’s claim that because he was president during the US Capitol attacks, records should remain confidential, but he decided “not for the benefit of the United States” to do so.

Biden is demanding more than $ 770 billion from the def budget

Biden is expected to ask Congress for more than $ 770 billion in its US defense budget for the next financial year as the Pentagon seeks to modernize the military, according to three sources familiar with the negotiations, exceeding budget requests of former President Donald Trump.

Ongoing budget negotiations between Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and the White House Administration and Budget Office (OMB) have met on the proposed national defense request of more than $ 770 billion for the 2023 financial year beginning October 1. Pentagon has passed questions to OMB, who declined to comment.

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