US NEWS: Biden prepares for White House while Trump pressures for official attacks

WASHINGTON – President-elect Joe Biden is planning another meeting on Wednesday to lay the groundwork for his administration as President Donald Trump continues to crack down on anti-election results in a bid to hold on to power.

Trump’s allegations, based on electoral corruption, have found little to date. His campaign said Tuesday he planned to file a lawsuit in Michigan to stop the state from confirming its results, a day after it brought a similar action to the Pennsylvania military.

Judges have so far thrown charges in Michigan and Georgia over Trump’s campaign, and legal experts say the case has little chance of reversing the November 3 election results.

Trump faced another setback on Tuesday when Democrats claimed a postmaster who said he had witnessed a vote-rigging in Pennsylvania had dismissed his allegations.

About 80% of Americans, including half of the Republicans, claim Biden to be the winner, according to a Ipsos poll released on Tuesday.

Biden plans to meet with advisers on Wednesday to help him prepare for his post on January 20, 2021.

He has contacted financial, business and banking professionals through his team of transition from core Democrats to progressive activists, highlighting the ongoing debate within the party on how to tackle climate change, wealth inequality and other issues.

Biden also recruits people who make strict environmental laws while working under President Barack Obama.

Biden defended the presidency on Saturday after television networks claimed he had won in Pennsylvania and Nevada, giving him 279 votes in the Electoral College, in addition to the 270 needed to take the White House.

The result has not yet been determined in several states. Trump earns 50.0% to 48.7% in North Carolina, while Biden earns 49.5% to 49.2% in Georgia and 49.4% goes to 49.0% in Arizona, according to Edison Research.

Accounting is expected in a number of provinces, although it is unlikely to change the outcome.

Republicans and Trump cling to him, claiming he has the right to challenge the outcome. But privately, some say Trump has limited time to make his case.

Trump will place a memorial crown at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery on Wednesday to mark Veterans’ Day. It will be his first public appearance, with the exception of a double golf course, since the outraged White House press conference last Thursday.

Biden claims that Trump’s refusal to accept defeat – a departure from historical tradition – does not affect his plans. He said on Tuesday he thought it was a “disgrace” that Trump did not admit.

The Trump administration is not working with the Biden team. Government analysts have been instructed to continue compiling a budget proposal to be released in February, following Trump’s resignation.

The Biden reform team has not been able to move to a new government office or raise funds for staff because President Trump, who is in charge of the state election office, has not done so.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Tuesday announced “Trump’s second administration,” in a statement opposing congratulatory calls from leaders in Britain, France, Germany and Ireland to Biden.

Trump put loyalists in top positions at the Pentagon, a day after ousting Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, which could make it easier to use U.S. troops to respond to domestic protests.

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