US NEWS: Biden says Trump ‘doesn’t care’ about U.S. economic pain. Caused by an epidemic

WILMINGTON, Del. – Democratic Alliance president-elect Joe Biden has blamed US President Donald Trump for failing to feel the economic pain caused by the coronavirus epidemic, after data on Friday showed a slowdown in employment and a racial gap in unemployment levels.

The former vice president, pushing for a campaign message that he has more contact with working Americans than his rival in the November 3 election, said the economic crisis has widened the gap between rich and poor.

“The sad truth is that we only have a president who cannot see, hear, understand, or care for.

Trump and other Republicans point to a drop in unemployment in August to 8.4% as a sign that the economy is recovering after a coronavirus closure that devastated small businesses from restaurants to gyms and hairdressers.

Yet the president still looks forward to entering the election as the economy has crippled and serious questions are hanging about his handling of the epidemic, which has killed more than 186,000 people in the United States.

Biden, who was in charge of 7 percent of Trump’s national lead in the Ipsos poll this week, called on the president to convene church leaders to resume formal talks on another package to help the coronavirus economy.

“The main point: Mr. President, do your job. Get out of your golf course and get out of your sandy area. Make a deal, ”said the Democrat.

Another controversy surrounding Trump broke Thursday when the Atlantic newspaper reported that the president had called fallen American soldiers buried in Europe “defeated” and refused to visit American cemeteries during 2018 the trip to France because he thought they were unimportant. Trump has strongly denied the report.

Biden said, if true, commenting is “disgraceful.”

At a press conference at the White House on Friday evening, Trump called the issue “fraudulent”, adding: “No one feels more powerful about our soldiers, our wounded heroes, our soldiers who died in the war, than me.”

The economy remains a major problem for many voters. U.S. Rentals It lives 11.5 million below the pre-epidemic level, and the unemployment rate is 4.9 percent higher than in February.

Trump cited a drop in unemployment last month as a sign of recovery.

“Great Works!” posted on Twitter. “Unemployment Rate 8.4% (Wow, much better than expected!)”

When the unemployment rate plummeted last month, it was marred by people resigning as “employed but not employed.” Without that error, the unemployment rate would have been around 9.1%, according to the Department of Labor.

Biden emphasized the unequal access, especially for people of color, and noted that low-wage workers in factories such as factories and shops were also at greater risk of receiving COVID-19.

While Monday’s Labor Day holiday marks the beginning of a tense phase of the White House race, both Biden and Trump got off to a good start last week with a lot of work following their back-up team meetings.

Trump also visited Kenosha – a town with a flashpoint where anti-apartheid protesters were fighting Trump’s supporters after police shot a black man in the back – and stopped in Pennsylvania and North Carolina, another major province.

Both campaigns launched new advertising campaigns in those countries, while Trump criticized the protesters and protesters.

Trump on Friday won the approval of the Fraternal Order of Police, the largest police union in the United States with 355,000 members. Biden’s campaign, meanwhile, has announced the approval of nearly 200 current and influential lawmakers who have been instrumental in confirming Trump’s nomination for “law and order.”

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