US NEWS: Biden to still push for a voting rights bill as he respects the Lord’s legacy

PHILADELPHIA – US President Joe Biden traveled to Philadelphia on Sunday to pay tribute to the assassinated human rights leader theologian King Jr., as he continues to push for a voting law and a alliance to fight extremism.

Biden’s visit to “City of Brotherly Love” comes just hours after a team of FBI rescuers raided a synagogue in Colleyville, Texas, to release three hostages after quite 10 hours of disagreement. one among the captives had been released earlier.

The President, who was informed of the tragedy because it unfolded, said there was much to find out about what motivated the hostages, but promised that he would “stand against Jewish discrimination and also the outbreak of extremism during this country.”

Biden and his first wife Jill Biden volunteered at Philabundance, a charitable organization in Philadelphia, to celebrate theologian King Jr. Day holiday. of Monday.

In a statement Friday, Biden warned of the necessity to continue within the King’s work by enacting legislation to safeguard voting rights, opposing racism and other types of extremism, and pressuring for greater economic justice.

“Living up to his legacy, and what Dr. King believed our nation may be, requires quite just imagination – it requires action,” Biden said in an exceedingly statement.

“That ‘s why the ANC must pass the Organization’ s law to safeguard the proper to vote – a right attacked by a vicious circle of voter oppression and electoral fraud.

But Biden’s push to pass voting rights seems to own faded after Democratic Alliance Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin said they were hostile a change in Senate law, which needs 60 percent of senators to agree on variety of laws, in a very room where Democrats now hold only 50 seats. .

Senate legislator Chuck Schumer continues to be about to start a debate on the voting rights law on Tuesday. If Republicans block the bill obviously, Schumer said he was still determined to hunt a change in Senate law so as to win. But visible of the case with Cinema and Manchin, efforts to alter the filibuster seem to fail.

Biden told reporters on Thursday that he wasn’t sure if the bill may well be passed now but vowed to stay trying.

“One thing we are sure of: Like all the opposite major human rights bills that came up, if we miss the primary one, we are able to return and check out a second time. We missed this one.”

The House of Representatives led by the Democratic Alliance passed a voting bill on Thursday. But Democrats cannot defeat the Republican opposition everywhere within the Senate without changing the filibuster.

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