US NEWS: Biden turns to coronavirus as Trump struggles to change elections

WILMINGTON, Del./ASHINGTON – U.S. President-elect Joe Biden will meet healthcare workers alongside coronavirus problems at a ceremony Wednesday, as outgoing President Donald Trump expands his campaign to change election results.

Trump has refused to accept the Nov. 3 election, blocking a smooth transition to a new administration. Biden has pledged to eradicate the disease, which has killed more than 247,000 people in the United States and cost millions in their jobs, a crucial one when he took office on January 20.

Biden and his top advisers said Trump’s contempt could jeopardize efforts to contain more serious COVID-19 cases and prevent the delivery of vaccines.

That sentiment was echoed by three leading health organizations in the U.S. On Tuesday he spoke directly to the president in an open letter, urging him to share important details of COVID-19 with the Biden team.

“As providers of care for all Americans, we see the suffering in our communities as a result of COVID-19 …. It is in this way that we urge you to share important information and knowledge as soon as possible,” said a letter signed by the heads of the American Medical Association. American Nurses Association and American American Hospitals Association.

While Biden took part in a roundabout from his home country of Delaware on Wednesday, Trump also has no planned public events.

Trump has sued, without giving evidence, that he was fraudulent in overcoming widespread fraud and dismissed a number of highly contested criminal cases.

In the run-up to the Electoral College deciding who will win, Biden received 306 votes in the Republic’s 232 votes.

To stay in office, Trump will have to return the results to at least three of the most contested states in an unprecedented way to reach the 270 election vote limit.

Countries face a December 8 deadline to confirm election results during the official voting for Electoral College on December 14.

Congress is scheduled to count the votes of the Electoral College on January 6, which is usually the law. But Trump’s supporters in the Senate and House of Representatives could challenge the results in a last-ditch effort to reduce Biden’s 270 election votes and reverse the final decision in the House.

Trump on Tuesday fired a top U.S. security official, angered Trump for refusing to support allegations of electoral fraud.

Chris Krebs has been removed as head of the Department of Homeland Security and Infrastructure Security. His work to protect the election from invaders and to combat false information about the vote has earned him praise from lawyers for both parties, as well as election officials across the country.

A Biden spokesman praised Krebs, saying “he should be commended for his work in defending our election, not for being fired for speaking the truth”.

Looking at the president, Republicans across the country have tried to cast doubt on the results.

In Michigan, where Biden received 145,000 votes, two Republicans on the Wayne County campaign board tried to secure Biden’s victory in that state on Tuesday, but it was found several hours later.

In a constituency that included a black town with a large black population of Detroit and voted for Biden, the two board members initially voted to block the delivery of results, citing minor inconsistencies in regional totals.

But Republicans reversed their decision after more than two hours the public was outraged and voted to confirm the results of Wayne County, caveat secretary Michigan conducting a study on residential properties.

At a state court hearing in Pennsylvania on Tuesday, U.S. Regional Judge Matthew Brann immediately questioned Trump’s request to bar officials from securing Biden’s victory in the state.

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