US NEWS: Biden urges US to reject Trump’s lies on the anniversary of the Capitol attack

WASHINGTON, Jan 6 – President Joe Biden will urge Americans to reject lies and live “in the sunshine of the truth” in his remarks on Thursday to mark the primary years of the January 6 uprising at the US Capitol by supporters of the previous President Donald Trump.

Biden, a Democrat, defeated Trump within the 2020 election, but the previous president falsely claimed the vote was rigged, and his speech period before Biden’s inauguration urged supporters to fight and escalated violence within the Capitol, an emblem people democracy.

Biden and Deputy President Kamala Harris are expected to deal with the Capitol on Thursday and therefore the White House has said Biden will give Trump “one burden” for violence last year.

Four people were killed on the day of the riots, and one Capitol officer was killed the following day.

“So within the meantime we’ve got to come to a decision what quite nation we are going to be. Will we be a nation that embraces political violence as normal? Will we be a nation where we allow united election officials to overthrow the constitutional democracy?” Biden will, in keeping with excerpts of his remarks issued by the White House.

“Will we be a nation that doesn’t sleep in the sunshine of truth but within the shadow of falsehood? We cannot allow ourselves to be this type of nation. The way forward is to determine the reality and live by it.” you’ll say.

Biden and his advisers avoided talking directly about Trump within the first year of the Democratic Alliance, preferring to maneuver forward with their goals.

But the previous president has continued to spread lies about his loss and will plan to run again within the 2024 elections.

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