US NEWS: Biden will speak the ‘truth’ on the 6th anniversary of Jan; Trump cancels event

WASHINGTON, Jan 5 – President Joe Biden will mark one year after Jan’s assassination 6 US Capitol attacks by supporters of Donald Trump with a speech Thursday warning of the threat of democracy, while Trump leaves plans for a news conference. That day as he again attacked Democrats and the media.

The White House has said Biden will refute Trump’s false allegations, widely accepted by many of his supporters, that his election defeat was the result of widespread fraud, as well as efforts to curb the worst possible violence in the Capitol since World War 1812.

“The President will speak the truth about what happened, not the lies that have spread since then, and the dangers that have befallen the law and our democracy,” White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters. Tuesday, at a preview of Biden’s remarks.

Biden and Deputy President Kamala Harris will address Thursday morning at the US Capitol, a year after thousands of Trump supporters stormed the building in an unsuccessful attempt to stop the Electoral College vote count by lawmakers who officially announced the Democratic Alliance presidential victory.

Trump on Tuesday canceled a news conference in his Mar-a-Lago area of ​​Florida scheduled for January 6, saying he would address many similar topics at a rally in Arizona in January 15 instead.

It is not yet clear why Trump canceled the press conference, which was originally announced on December 21.

In a statement, Trump accused what he called the “bias and dishonesty” of the January 6 House of Representatives investigation, as well as with the media, a popular target.

The January 6 celebration comes as Trump continues to fight to block the release of White House records demanded by the House committee investigating the attack.

Trump, some Republicans and the right-wing media have pushed false accounts to downplay the January 6 attack, calling it a non-violent protest or blaming left-wing activists.

Four people were killed on the day of the riots, and one Capitol policeman died the next day in defense of the ANC. Dozens of police officers were injured during a series of raids by Trump supporters, with four policemen killed themselves.

Paki was asked what the president’s message was to many Republicans who believe Biden stole the election from Trump, despite much conflicting evidence.

“What he will continue to do is talk to everyone in the country. Those who did not vote for him, those who do not believe he is the legitimate president, is what he wants to do to make their lives better,” he said.

The White House is struggling to find a voting rights law in the US Senate that would oppose new laws in Republican-led states that say Democrats will reduce the number of left-handed voters. Two sources said Biden and Harris were not planning to use the January 6 event to enforce voting rights.

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