US NEWS: Biden wins U.S. presidency, calls for treatment in Trump’s turnout

WILMINGTON, Del./ASHINGTON – President-elect Joe Biden has announced that it is “time to heal” a severely divided United States in his first speech after winning a tough election, as President Donald Trump refused to acknowledge and insisted on a legal battle. the result.

Biden’s victory on Saturday in Pennsylvania put him on the verge of 270 votes for the Electoral College he needed to secure the presidency, ended four days of nail-biting and sent his supporters to the streets of major cities in celebration.

“The people of this nation have spoken. They have given us a clear, convincing victory, ”Biden told fans cheering at the car park in his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware.

Democrats have promised that as President they will seek to unite the country and “gather moral strength” to fight the COVID-19 epidemic, rebuild economic prosperity, protect health care in American families and eradicate systematic discrimination.

In addition to speaking to his Republican rival, Biden spoke directly to the 70 million Americans who voted for Trump, some of whom took to the streets on Saturday to protest against the results.

I lost a few times too. But now, let’s give each other a chance. It’s time to dump her and move on.

“This is a time of recovery in America.”

He also thanked Black voters, saying that even at the lowest moments of his campaign, the African American community represented him.

Biden was introduced by his running mate, United States Senator Kamala Harris, who will be the first woman, the first black American and the first Asian American to become vice president, the No. 1 office. 2 of the country.

Trump, who played golf at a time when major television networks showed his rival was successful, simply accused Biden of “running to pretend to be the winner.”

“This election is far from over,” he said in a statement.

Trump has filed a lawsuit against the results, but provincial election officials across the country say there is no evidence of serious fraud, and legal experts say Trump’s efforts are unlikely to succeed.

As news of his victory spread, applause was heard around Washington, with people coming and going in and out of balconies, blowing car horns and blowing bottles. Crowds of people arrived at the White House to celebrate without a security fence as the sound of explosives echoed in the distance.

Proponents of Trump have responded with confusion, suspicion and resignation, highlighting Biden’s difficult task of defeating many Americans, especially in rural areas, who believe that Trump was the first president to rule with his heart. “I think it’s covered.”

Angry protesters Trump’s “Stop the Steal” gathered at state buildings in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Arizona. Phoenix protesters chanted “We want audits!” The Trump-backed protests were fading especially as the results sank.

Former and current political leaders have also echoed, including the congratulations of former Democratic Alliance President Barack Obama, Biden for whom he served as vice president, and US Republican Senator Mitt Romney. Trump’s friend Senator Lindsey Graham has asked the Department of Justice to investigate allegations of irregularities in voting.

Trump’s allies have made it clear that the president does not plan to allow it anytime soon. A loyalist to Trump said the president was not ready to accept defeat even though there would not be enough votes cast in the recount to change the result. “There is a certainty of the numbers he will lose,” he said.

Biden’s victory closes Trump’s four-year presidency in which he played a deadly role, imposed tougher immigration policies, launched a trade war with China, shattered international treaties and severely divided many American families with his inflammatory speech, lies and determination to abandon democracy.

For Biden’s fans, it was fitting for Pennsylvania to secure his victory. He was born in the industrial city of Scranton in the northeast of the country and, applauding his credentials at a moderate level, secured a democratic promotion with the promise of reclaiming the top working class voters who had supported Trump in 2016.

He started his campaign in Pittsburgh last year and wrapped it up with a rally there on Monday. It was a strong race in industrial provinces such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota, but Biden did enough to win.

He faced unprecedented challenges. This includes Republican-led efforts to reduce postal voting at a time when a growing number of people had to vote by post due to the epidemic ,which has killed more than 237,000 people in the United States.

When Biden enters the White House on January 20, the oldest person to enter office at the age of 78, he is likely to face the difficult task of holding a deeply divided Washington, which is emphasized by the nationwide voting record.

Both sides have pointed to the 2020 elections as one of the most important events in U.S. history, as important as the votes during the Civil War of the 1860s and 1930s.

Biden’s victory was driven by strong support from groups including women, African Americans, white voters with college degrees and people living in cities. He beat Trump with more than four million votes in a nationwide popular vote.

Biden, who has spent half a century in public life as a U.S. Senator and vice president, will inherit the nation through the turmoil of COVID-19 and related economic downturns, as well as protests against racism and police brutality.

Biden said his priority would be to improve the prevention and recovery program in the epidemic, promising to improve access to testing and, unlike Trump, to heed the advice of leading health officials and scientists.

In addition to addressing the health crisis, Biden faces a major challenge to address the economic crisis it has created. Some 10 million Americans laid off during the coronavirus closure remain inactive, and state aid programs have expired.

Biden also promised to restore normalcy in the White House after the presidency in which Trump praised dictatorial foreign leaders, despised long-standing international cooperation, denied disagreements with white supremacists and raised serious doubts about the U.S. electoral system.

Even if he wins, Biden will have failed to bring the much-needed rejection to Trump that Democrats had hoped for, showing deep support for the president.

This could be a bizarre bid Biden campaign promises to change key parts of Trump’s legacy. These include Trump’s deep tax cuts that benefited mainly companies and the rich, strict immigration policies, efforts to abolish Obamacare’s 2010 health law and Trump’s departure from international agreements such as the Paris climate agreement and Iran’s nuclear deal.

Should Republicans continue to control the U.S. Senate, they may block large sections of its legislative framework, including the expansion of health care and the fight against climate change. That hope could be based on the outcome of four unspecified Senate races, including two in Georgia that will not be resolved until a re-run in January.

For Trump, 74, it was an unfortunate end after a dramatic political upheaval. The architect founder who founded the international brand as a real TV personality angered Democrat Hillary Clinton to win the 2016 presidency in her first term in office. The loser is a Republican candidate for re-election of George HW. Bush in 1992.

In the end, however, Trump has failed to broaden his appeal beyond the core of the commitment of white and rural white voters who embraced his populism of food wings and nationalism of “America First”.

Duane Fitzhugh, a 52-year-old teacher celebrating Biden’s victory outside the Trump Hotel in Washington, said it was as if evil magic had been removed.

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