US NEWS: Biden’s approval rate dropped to 43%, much under his presidency

WASHINGTON, Jan 21 – US President Joe Biden’s approval level has dropped to the bottom level of his presidency on as Americans appear to be tired of the COVID-19 epidemic and its economy, in line with a recent Ipsos poll.

A national vote, held January 19-20, found that 43% of yankee adults had approved Biden’s office term, while 52% refused et al. were unsure. Last week’s vote put Biden at a 45 approval and 50% disqualification rate.

After holding over 50% in his first months in office, Biden’s popularity began to mention no in mid-August because the death of COVID-19 increased nationwide and thus the US-backed Afghan government collapsed.

Biden’s continued decline in popularity is ringing in his party, with Democrats worried that dissatisfaction could cost them lots of congressional votes within the Nov. 8 election.

At an unusual press conference on Wednesday, Biden acknowledged the frustration of the American people at the highest of his first year in office. But he vowed to create progress in tackling the foremost important challenges posed by the epidemic and inflation, which rose sharply for nearly 40 years in December because the health crisis hit chains around the world.

The weekly survey identified key issues affecting the American people economically and socially.

During the presidency of Donald Trump, about 37% of yank citizens approved his office, while 59% denied it.

The Ipsos survey was conducted online in English throughout the us. A recent survey collected responses from 1,004 adults, including 453 Democrats and 365 Republicans. it is a reliability interval – a measure of accuracy – of 4 percent points.

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