US NEWS: Biden’s edge comes closer to a White House victory as Trump poses a legal challenge

WASHINGTON – Democrat Joe Biden came close to winning the US presidential election on Thursday as election officials voted in a few states to determine the outcome and protesters marched on the streets.

Acting President Donald Trump is accused of fraud, filing lawsuits and calling for a run-off election to be decided two days after the close of voting.

As tensions erupted, about 200 Trump supporters, some armed with rifles and ammunition, rallied outside the election office in Phoenix, Arizona, following unsubstantiated rumors that votes were not being counted.

Anti-Trump protesters in other cities want the vote count to continue. Police detained the protesters against noTrump in New York City of Portland, Oregon. More than 100 events are scheduled across the country between Wednesday and Saturday.

The presidential race would go down to close competitions in five provinces. Biden, 77, held a narrow margin in Nevada and Arizona as Trump, 74, saw his small profits run out in the states to be won in Pennsylvania and Georgia as the number of votes was counted. Trump is holding on to a small lead in North Carolina and, one must defeat him.

Trump had to win the states where he was before either Arizona or Nevada to win and avoid becoming the first US president to succeed in losing the re-election request from his local Republican George HW. Bush in 1992.

Edison Research has given Biden 243 to 213 lead over Trump in the Electoral College elections, mostly based on the country’s people. Some networks claim Biden won Wisconsin, which will give him another ten votes. The candidate’s magic number wins by 270 votes.

Biden predicted victory on Wednesday and unveiled a website that will begin to move to the White House-owned White House.

Trump has long wanted to undermine the voting process if he loses. As of Tuesday, he had declared victory, accused Democrats of trying to steal the election without evidence and vowed to fight in court.

U.S. election experts They say that fraud is rare.

Trump’s campaign fought to keep his chances alive by calling for a Wisconsin census and allegations in Michigan and Pennsylvania to stop counting the votes. Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson called his party’s allegations “baseless.”

His campaign filed a lawsuit in Georgia requiring Chatham County, which includes the city of Savannah, to separate and protect late voting to ensure it was not counted.

It also appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court. That it allowed Trump to join a pending lawsuit filed by Pennsylvania Republicans over whether the military should be allowed to accept late votes.

These efforts have been a comprehensive effort to counter the effects of an undisclosed election one day after millions of Americans went to the polls during the coronavirus epidemic that extended daily life.

“They get votes in Biden everywhere – in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan. Our country is evil! “Trump posted on Twitter.

Biden said all votes should be counted. “No one is going to take democracy away from us, not now, not forever,” he said.


The result of the controversy closed a vitriolic campaign that emerged in the midst of a disease that has killed more than 233,000 people in the United States and left millions without work. The country has also been plagued by problems such as months, including racial and police protests.

The United States set a one-day record of new coronavirus cases on Wednesday in which at least 102,591 new infections were reported, with hospitals in several provinces reporting an increase in patients, according to statistics.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

In a nationally popular vote, Biden on Wednesday was ahead of Trump in a lavish run, with 3.5 million more votes. Trump won the 2016 election against Democrat Hillary Clinton after winning key battlefields despite receiving more than 3 million votes nationwide.

If he wins, Biden will face a tough battle for domination, and Republicans are already ready to take control of the U.S. Senate and are likely to block large sections of his legal system, including the expansion of health care and the fight against climate change.

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