US NEWS: Biden’s New York visit counter-punch to Republican crime jabs

WASHINGTON, Feb 3 – A meeting between President Joe Biden and New York Mayor Eric Adams on Thursday to discuss the rise in gun crime Democrats want to send a message that he will not abandon the issue of public safety for Republicans this election year.

Republicans argue that the escalation of the epidemic in the wake of genocide and gun crime in urban areas across the country is linked to the Democratic Alliance’s support for the “police repatriation” movement that emerged in the 2020 racial justice protests – albeit mostly Democrats, including Biden. , they have never supported the destruction of police funds.

The sharp rise in gun deaths over the past two years has put pressure on Democratic Alliance mayors in the metropolitan area to instead increase police support and hire more police officers, sometimes colliding with the party’s ongoing campaign to change police service.

As U.S. voters put crime among their concerns and support for Biden’s erosion in the suburbs, many Biden advisers and many Democratic Alliance strategists said the president’s decision to visit New York Police Station and Adams headquarters provided an opportunity for Biden to rethink the political landscape. Democracy and crime before the mid-year congressional elections.

“All Democrats and the president are frustrated that we continue to be marked in this ‘police’ nonsense a large part of the Democratic Party does not agree with,” said Mark Riddle, executive director of Future Majority, the Democratic Party. research company.

Biden’s political adviser, who asked not to be named, said Biden’s administration would argue that weak gun laws and the use of popular Republican laws helped to perpetuate crime and make police work more dangerous.

Will O’Grady, a spokesman for the Republican National Committee, said, “Biden and Democrats have failed in crime,” pointing to an increase in homicides in cities such as Chicago, Atlanta and Oakland. “Biden’s visit to New York is too late.”

Biden arrives in New York in the wake of a spate of violence in a densely populated American city, where memories of the rampant crime of the 1970s and 1990s remain strong.

In recent weeks the city has been attacked by police. The number of homicides in 2021 has increased by 3% by 2020 and a significant 53% from pre-epidemic levels in 2019, although prices remain lower than in the early 1990’s.

Adams, a former New York police captain, was elected mayor last year over several left-wing Democrats with the promise of reforming the police department and cracking down on crime.

Since taking office in January, Adams has slammed progress by promising to postpone some criminal justice reforms by his predecessor Bill de Blasio. It wants to give judges more power to detain pre-trial suspects, increase the use of solitary confinement and reopen the NYPD crime unit that was disbanded after being accused of extremely cruel tactics.

He also pledged to add more police officers to the streets to combat the ongoing gun violence. He called on the federal government to stop the flow of arms in the city and for Congress to pass measures to prevent weapons of mass destruction and make the smuggling of guns a crime.


Some developers watch Adams’ kiss on Aden with an alarm.

“It’s a little disappointing,” said Stanley Fritz, political director of Citizen Action of New York, a liberation movement. “I’m worried about the message.”

Fritz said he hoped Biden was pressuring Adams to find a comprehensive way to fight crime by tackling poverty and homelessness and expanding mental health services.

“Hiring more police officers and giving them more money will not solve the problem,” Fritz said. “I want to believe they will do the right thing, but I have no confidence in myself.”

In the 2020 election, Biden openly denied developers’ calls to divert funding from police departments to social services, while reassuring them that he supported the reform process.

In the office, he has encouraged extra spending on police and preventive measures. “We should not reduce funding for police departments,” Biden told a U.S. mayoral conference last month. “I raised support.”

Experts say the increase in homicides over the past two years is due to the COVID-19 epidemic, which has devastated cities, destroyed the economy and disrupted social services, and easy access to illegal firearms and police reforms following the 2020 racial justice protests. .

In a recent Ipsos poll, conducted on January 26-27, both Democrats and Republicans listed crime in fourth place among their top concerns, after the economy, public health and health care.

Glenn Youngkin of the Republic made the growing crime scandal during his successful campaign against Democrat Terry McAuliffe last November in the Virginia dictatorship, and it was one of the many concerns that led some urban voters to support Biden to turn to Youngkin.

Many urban voters have not accepted Biden’s performance since last summer than expected, and a recent Ipsos poll shows his support of a significant 48% of voters.

“Democrats are acknowledged to be very concerned that their territories are being evacuated,” said Joel Payne, a Democratic Alliance strategist who worked for the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign. “It ‘s not surprising that the president is about to start signing news that he knows will play well in those communities.”

Biden probably would not have held such an event during his presidential campaign, Payne said, as he was trying to appease the middle and free party in the run-up to the election. “It shows how politics has changed.”

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