US NEWS: Blow for Biden The US Supreme Court is obstructing government vaccination of enormous firms

WASHINGTON: Even as US President Joe Biden called the rise in Covid-19 cases an “unprotected epidemic”, highlighting the difference between how it affected those that took the jab and people who weren’t vaccinated, the Supreme Court said. has prevented managers from exercising vaccination or testing authority against major employers within the country.

If approved, this measure would apply to all or any companies with over 100 employees.

“This is a pestilence of the uncircumcised. Currently, both vaccinated and non-vaccinated people are tested for HIV, but what happens afterwards won’t be very different. When vaccinated people are found to be HIV-positive, they need no symptoms in the slightest degree or have mild symptoms. If they’re not vaccinated … if they’re found to be infected, you’re 17 times more likely to be hospitalized… And yes, people who aren’t vaccinated are killed by Covid-19, ”Biden said Thursday morning.

On Wednesday, the US reported 781,203 Covid-19 incidents; 145 005 people were hospitalized; and 1,827 people died.

Biden emphasized that the Covid-19 vaccine made a difference between last winter’s surgery and this one. “Because we’ve completely vaccinated nearly 210 million Americans, most of the country is safe from the dire consequences of Covid-19. that’s why, because the number of cases of vaccinated Americans increases, deaths have dropped dramatically since last winter. ”

The US president made the instance of United Airlines to emphasise his point, stating that, on average, one employee died one week before applying the vaccine requirement. Since its inception, 99% of its employees are vaccinated, and while 3,600,600 are tested for the virus, there has never been one case of hospitalization or death within the past eight weeks. “But as long as we’ve got tens of scores of those that won’t be vaccinated, we are going to have full hospitals and unnecessary deaths,” he said.

Just hours after Biden said this, the Supreme Court – while allowing the requirement for doctors in institutions to receive state funding for immunizations – has refused to permit management to exercise the authority to strike large employers. this could require workers to be vaccinated, or to wear a mask and be tested weekly.

Six of the judges within the court fought for the rights of over three free judges – and issued a ruling opposing state immunization orders, mainly because the manager branch had no jurisdiction to impose this high requirement.

Biden said he was disappointed with the court’s decision to ban “common life-saving requirements for workers in large businesses that were based entirely on both science and law”.

“The court has ruled that my superiors won’t use the facility granted by Congress to demand this action, but that doesn’t prevent me from using my voice as president to encourage employers to try and do the proper thing to guard the health and economy of the American people. . I urge business leaders to right away join those that have already risen – which incorporates one-third of Fortune 100 companies – and put in situ vaccination requirements to safeguard their employees, customers and communities. “

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