US NEWS: China, U.S. Escalate Forces, Threats in South China Sea.

Beijing on Monday threatened that further steps would be taken if the United States continued to compete with its claims on disputed islands in the disputed region.

CHINA on Monday warns U.S. That it could also continue the military boom in the South China Sea as both countries tighten their military presence in the highly competitive region. A few days after the US relocated two airlines in what appears to be a very common region – and, in China, China’s besieging state media on Monday confirmed it had sent a military force to two islands operating in the disputed Paracel Archipelago. a series of warships. They plan to do so with “a sea-type fire-fighting” in response to the presence of the U.S. military, which China says is “a real military war in the South China Sea.”

“If U.S. military interference in the South China Sea continued, China would be left with no choice but to build more and more airplanes and warships in the South China Sea,” said China’s Global Times, which is not a direct word. The Chinese Communist Party, however, seems to be in line with its ideology. It also added that China could also establish airplane protocols around an area considered to be its own similar to the one that had previously clashed with the U.S..

Monday’s provocative language serves as the latest language in a major struggle between the Trump administration and the government of Chinese President Xi Jingping in recent weeks. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo earlier last week announced that the US would begin to take a negative stance against Beijing in the South China Sea, not from a neutral stand but to announce new support for the federation and its so-called islands, rocks and fishing grounds. His comments come shortly after Beijing announced new sanctions against a group of American lawmakers believed to have threatened China’s sovereignty in the region.

China then threatened further sanctions imposed on U.S. officials if the U.S. Not back from his disruption to Beijing’s Hong Kong plans. The Trump administration has extended extraordinary bipartisan support to Congress in order to reconsider China’s implementation of new security laws in that independent state as an attempt to enforce complete British colonial control.

Beijing’s departure from Hong Kong, as well as the violent conflict on its Indian border last month, has led many analysts to believe that China sees the global epidemic as an opportunity to achieve its broader global goals.

Monday’s launch follows for the first time in years the Navy relocated two aircraft carriers – USS Nimitz and USS Ronald Reagan – to the same Pacific offensive zone. As part of a wide-ranging exercise with allies and allies in the region, the flotilla also carried out what the military called “freedom of movement”, designed to challenge another country’s claim, this time China, to US waters overlooking the world.

The commander of the ceremonies said on Friday that US forces could withstand Chinese threats.

“High-intensity combined exercise brings unparalleled flexibility, endurance, use of force, and fire-fighting in the war-torn area. . Bill Merz, captain of the Navy’s Fleet, in a statement. “The strength and flexibility of our Navy is fully demonstrated as we support the security and resilience of the Indo-Pacific. There is no better example of our regional commitment, and from time to time we will bring more teams to the 7th Fleet to train a larger integrated operator.

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