US NEWS: Coronavirus Donald Trump will address a campaign rally in Florida on Monday – but a second bid against Biden will not go ahead.

Donald Trump will speak at a ceremony in Florida on Monday as he returns to campaign after a coronavirus diagnosis – but his second feud with his rival President Joe Biden will not continue.

The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) announced on Thursday that the dispute scheduled for October 15 will be “for the health and safety of all concerned”.

However, the CPD said in a statement on Friday: “After that, the campaigns of the two people who are eligible to take part in the debate have made a series of statements about their positions in relation to their willingness to participate in a lively discussion on October 15, .

The final debate will be held at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, “subject to health management”.

Mr Trump’s campaign team confirmed Friday that the president will speak at an event at Orlando Sanford International Airport in Florida on Monday.

The president is also expected to address his supporters on the balcony at the White House on Saturday at a “law and order” event, the official said.

This is despite the ongoing outbreak of coronavirus there and two weeks after the Rose Garden event now regarded as a “supers spreader”.

Mr. Trump’s return to the campaign will be more aware of the dangers of spreading the disease than before his infection.

Donald Trump told on Friday night that he had stopped taking anti-coronavirus drugs eight hours before the interview.

I’m not taking medication right now, you know, about eight hours ago.”

The mystery revolves around whether Mr Trump is still infected and White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany said medical tests will ensure that when the president returns from work he will not be able to transmit the virus.

Earlier the White House said the US President was determined to return to the campaign ahead of the presidential election, and that he might be tested for COVID-19 again.

With less than a month to go before the election on November 3, the US president is behind the ballot following his Democratic Alliance rival Joe Biden.

Mr Trump, who was diagnosed with coronavirus on October 1 and spent three days in hospital, told he could be tested for the virus later on Friday.

“You want to talk to the American people, and you want to be there,” McEnany told.

“In order, or it may be tomorrow, it will be difficult. It can be a decision until the campaign.”

Mr Trump’s doctor said the president would be able to safely return to public services this weekend.

In a letter, his doctor, Sean Conley, said: “Saturday will be the 10th day since Thursday’s diagnosis, and in view of the progress of the team’s progress, I expect the president to return safely to public participation at that time.”

But aides have agreed they are unlikely to hold public events until Monday.

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