US NEWS: Donald Trump says he will raise a woman in the Supreme Court next week after he became angry over the appointment of Justice Ginsburg

The president has rejected the wishes of the late Justice Ginsburg to wait until after the election to elect a successor.

Donald Trump has said he will nominate a woman to sit in the U.S. Supreme Court and will present his nomination next week, as a series following the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

“It’s going to be feminine. I think it has to be feminine because I actually like women more than men,” the US president told a campaign rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Liberal icon Justice Ginsburg had been sitting in the Supreme Court since 1993, until his death on Friday from complications caused by pancreatic cancer.

Her death has sparked a controversy over how her successor will be appointed, and the apparent political tendencies of the Supreme Court judges – especially on controversial issues such as abortion rights – make it an important political issue.

Democrats have argued that a successor should not be elected until after the November election.

Justice Ginsburg, a former women’s rights activist, said that before her death it was “her greatest wish” to be replaced by a new president, according to the nonprofit news agency NPR.

But Mr Trump has insisted that the Republican Party be forced to replace Justice Ginsburg “without delay”.

The Supreme Court nomination process allows the president to nominate a candidate and require the Senate to confirm them.

This will give Mr. Trump a chance to increase the majority of the conservative court to 6-3.

If successful, the Supreme Court could be ruled on conservation charges for decades to come, and it could overturn Roe v Wade – a landmark 1973 Supreme Court decision protecting women’s right to abortion in the US.

Two conservative women were nominated: Amy Coney Barrett of Chicago-7th Circuit 7, and Atlanta’s 11th Circuit Barbara Lagoa.

Ms. Barrett is a devout Roman Catholic and abortion rights group who say they may vote to overturn this landmark decision allowing legal abortions nationwide.

Ms. Lagoa became the first Latina in the Florida Supreme Court and would become the youngest attorney in the Supreme Court when she was appointed at the age of 52.

Mr Trump has already appointed two judges: Neil Gorsuch in 2017 and Brett Kavanaugh in 2018.

In their debates on why these nominations should not exist, Democrats point to the Republican Senate’s refusal in 2016 to rule on a nomination by President Barack Obama to the Supreme Court.

Conservative Antonin Scalia had died ten months before this year’s election, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the Senate should not take the initiative of a nominee in the election year.

This time, he changed his mind and vowed to immediately call for a vote to confirm Mr. Trump’s nomination.

In a statement posted online, Mr Obama said: “The basic principle of the law – as well as the impartiality of daily – is that we apply the rules consistently, and not based on what is right or beneficial at the moment.”

President Joe Biden’s optimism also expressed his concern, saying: “So there is no doubt, let me make it clear: voters should elect a president, and that president should choose a successor to Justice Ginsburg.”

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