US NEWS: Donald Trump votes on US defense bill

The bipartisan bill has been passed with high enough marks in both chambers of Congress so that lawmakers – in extreme cases – can bypass the president’s rejection.

U.S. President Donald Trump voted in a comprehensive defense funding bill sent by Congress on Wednesday, claiming it was helping Russia and China and opposing provisions to rename military bases.

The bipartisan bill has been passed with high enough marks in both chambers of Congress so that lawmakers – in extreme cases – can bypass the president’s rejection.

The $ 740 billion ($ 740 billion) military fundraiser came a day after the US leader, who had less than a month left, dropped a separate $ 900 billion Covid-19 bill and total government funding.

Trump has criticized the annual National Defense Authorization Act for not responding to his request to end credit protection for telecommunications companies, known as Section 230 – a problem that has no relationship with the US Department of Defense.

He also opposed the NDAA’s plan to rename military bases with the names of leaders from secessionist, South supporting slavery in the 19th-century U.S. civil war.

He also opposed a move that could jeopardize his decision to significantly reduce US troops in Germany, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

The NDAA “failed to impose critical national security measures, including provisions that failed to honor our veterans and the history of our military, and opposed my Administration’s efforts to put America at the forefront of our security and foreign policy actions,” Trump said in a statement.

Despite the changes in section 230, Trump said, the NDAA is “a ‘gift’ to China and Russia.”


Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has condemned Trump’s veto as “a reckless act that harms our troops, endangers our security and undermines the will of Congress.”

Both the House and the Senate have set aside time next week to vote in order to win the veto – the first such denial from Congress in his nearly four years in office.

But with the omnibus fund, including general government finance and Covid’s release, in the air, it was unclear whether Trump was using both of these permits.

“I will not accept this bill, which would put the interests of the Washington, DC institution more in place than the American people,” Trump said.

Trump has repeatedly demanded that the NDAA include changes to Section 230, which is part of US communications law that protects social media giants like Facebook and Twitter from being responsible for content posted by their users.

Since the beginning of the year Trump has been angered by social media for blocking or questioning the authenticity of his post, especially the coronavirus epidemic.

But Trump has said changing section 230 is a national security issue.

“Your failure to eliminate the serious threat to the Section 230 national security will make our intelligence difficult to do unless everyone knows what we are doing at every step,” he said in a statement.

He called the move a change in key words – based on the Pentagon – “politically motivated,” meaning nothing to the legacy of apartheid and slavery.

The veto does not immediately withdraw money from the Pentagon but if the NDAA is not passed soon, the money could be strengthened.

“The NDAA has become law every year for 59 years straightforward because it is so important for the security of our country and our military,” said Republican Senator Jim Inhofe.

“This year should not be out. Our men and women who volunteer to wear uniforms should not be denied what they need – always. ”

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