US NEWS: Explainer ‘Dueling Voters’ are at risk of U.S. voting

The 2020 U.S. presidential election It could be the most controversial in recent memory due to very different voters and the possibility that President Donald Trump would oppose the widely used vote, claiming that without evidence it is fraudulent.

Some electoral law experts are concerned about the combination of factors that could lead to a crisis in which both political parties claim to have won the same regime, something known as “elected voters.”

What are the voters?

U.S. President He is elected by 538 voters, known as an electoral college, not a popular vote. Voters are divided into provinces according to demographics and the popular vote in each province generally determines which candidate gets those state voters.

The Constitution and the Electoral Count Act of 1887 regulate the counting of election votes and any related disputes. Voters will meet on December 14 to cast their ballots by Congress on January 6 in a process undertaken by Deputy President Mike Pence in his capacity as President of the Senate.

What are dueling voters?

Nations with close rivalries between Republican Trump and his Democratic Alliance rival Joe Biden could pull out rival election slates, one authorized by the authorities and the other by the legislature.

The risk of this happening is increasing in the war zones of Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, with Democratic officials and Republican-controlled legislatures.

Some election law experts are concerned that the unprecedented number of postal votes and legal challenges will delay the election results for weeks, creating a long period of uncertainty.

Trump has repeatedly said that the election is selfish and carries out baseless attacks by posting, which tends to favor Democrats.

If a timely return shows Trump’s leadership, experts say the President could pressure Republican-led legislatures to nominate candidates who will favor him, saying the initial vote count shows a real result.

Officials in those provinces could end up supporting a different number of voters who have pledged to Biden if the final figures show that the Democratic Alliance candidate has won.

Both election sets will meet to vote on December 14 and the contested results will be sent to Congress.

Which group of voters will win?

Both chambers may agree to accept a single clause of voters, which is likely to be finalized.

The chambers may be divided, most likely if Republicans retain control of the Senate and Democrats hold the majority of their House.

If the legislators do not agree on a group of voters, the country will find itself in an illegal position.

The Electoral Count Act, often described by scholars as “incomprehensible,” appears to favor the majority of voters certified by the state governor, according to Ned Foley, a professor at Ohio State University Moritz College of Law.

But Foley notes that some experts and analysts by the Congress of Social Services have rejected that conclusion.

Scholars have drawn a number of scenarios. In less than one, Pence as president of the Senate, could field both sets for national elections. One thinks the House of Representatives will end up choosing between Biden and Trump. There is even a situation where the Speaker of the House, currently Democrat Nancy Pelosi, could be acting president.

What would the Supreme Court do?

The Supreme Court may be asked to interpret the Electoral College Act to prevent disputes.

The Supreme Court decision helped resolve the 2000 election in favor of George Bush, but the case was about re-counting in Florida and the decision was reached before voters met to vote.

Has this ever happened before?

In 1876, voters vying for the three states barred the election until the agreement was finalized a few days before the opening date.

The dispute was resolved after Republican Rutherford B. Hayes became president instead of withdrawing US troops left from the Civil War from the Southern Provinces.

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