US NEWS: Florida, Wyoming, Alaska manages primaries in the U.S. Congress on Tuesday

WASHINGTON (US) – Republicans are electing a new prime minister in a bid to seize control of the southern state of Florida on Tuesday, as the three primaries will help organize a November election campaign to gain power in Washington.

Republicans want to bring back the 26th statea of Florida to Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, an immigrant from Ecuador who chased away a Republican to win a seat in the House of Representatives in a race almost two years ago.

Leading Republican candidate for the presidency will be Carlos Gimenez, the Cuban mayor of the Miami-Dade region. He announced that he would run in the by-elections in January with a decision from President Donald Trump, although Gimenez had said he would vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton in 2016. Gimenez is considered to be more popular than the fire chief union, Omar Blanco.

Two of the non-U.S. election services nonpartisan elections say Mucarsel-Powell has a narrow margin on November 3, but a third, Cook Political Report, calls the race a “throwback.”

Alaska and Wyoming also hold by-elections on Tuesday.

Whoever first wins Wyoming’s Republican Republican, will be the next Senator from the western Republican province, where Senator Mike Enzi will retire this year.

A former lawyer for Cynthia Lummis, a former member of the House Freedom Caucus, is thought to be on the edge of a crowded territory.

Back in Florida, the new Republican ambassador Ross Spano is fighting to retain his seat in the 15th state and amid an investigation into campaign violations related to his 2018 campaign. He has denied wrongdoing, but faces a strong challenge from Lakeland city commissioner Scott Franklin.

The seat is likely to remain in the Republican hands.

Another participant, Dembie Wasserman Schultz, is being challenged in the 23rd region by community activist Jen Perelman.

Although it has been an excellent year for the ongoing opposition, Perelman lags behind Wasserman Schultz in campaign funding, and the one who did so has faced a major challenge in the last election.

In the 21st district, home of the Trump-Mar-a-Lago school, right-wing activist Laura Loomer is one of six Republicans eligible for a seat in the House. He was picked up on social media to comment on Muslims and was confirmed by former Trump adviser Roger Stone.

Non-aligned analysts consider the region to be a safe haven for democracy, so the Republican striker, who will run on Tuesday, will face Democrat Lois Frankel in November.

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