US NEWS: Former Trump adviser Navarro refuses to appear in court on US House coronavirus probe

WASHINGTON, Dec 11 – Former White House business adviser Peter Navarro has refused to comply with a letter from Trump’s administration to the coronavirus, saying the former president had instructed him not to do so, according to his response to the conference. the application was released on Saturday.

The subpoena was released in November by a House Select on the Coronavirus Crisis subcommittee as part of its investigation into whether Trump’s administration mismanaged the organization’s response to the epidemic by disrupting the work of its health organization. About 800,000 people have died in the United States as a result of the disease.

Navarro, from the Republic, also served as one of the advisers to former President Donald Trump over the epidemic and was responsible for receiving assistance in responding to the coronavirus, among other things. Navarro said in a letter to the subcommittee he would not cooperate because Trump had told him to “protect administrative rights.”

“It is a clear directive that I should not comply with the sentence,” Navarro said in a letter to the committee.

Representative James Clyburn, a Democrat and chairman of the coronavirus crisis panel, said in a letter to Navarro that he had no valid reason to refuse to comply with the law and to relinquish any rights by writing to Trump in an interview with the coronavirus response.

Refusal “is not precarious, especially since you have disclosed many details about your work to the White House, including details of discussions with the former President about the epidemic response, in your recent letter and related media travel,” Clyburn said in a statement.

Navarro was not immediately available for comment on Clyburn’s letter.

Clyburn said the subcommittee expected Navarro to release all records and information contained in it and appear at its launch on December 15, as required by subpoena.

Clyburn said at the time of the summons that “instead of using an integrated national strategy to reduce inflation, Mr. Navarro and other Trump Administration officials are pushing for provincial responsibility and following an indirect and unsustainable procurement approach – which has contributed to severe shortages. and is endangering American lives. “

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