US NEWS: From Biden to Harris, leaders shot the Covid-19 vaccine

The global caseload of coronavirus (Covid-19) has fallen to 90 million, of which nearly two million patients have lost their lives, according to Johns Hopkins University coronavirus tracker. Vaccination is currently underway in many countries, with India set to launch a major global vaccination campaign on January 16. However, many opposition leaders have suggested that Prime Minister Narendra Modi take the first shot to build public confidence.

A few world leaders have shot a vaccine, and others have volunteered to take it. Here is a list of a few such leaders:

  1. Joe Biden: US President-elect will take his second vaccine on Monday. Biden fired for the first time on December 21 in front of the media. Two Covid-19 drugs are currently being used in the US, one by one Pfizer Inc-BioNTech SE and Modern.
  2. Camera Harris: The US Vice President-elect took her first vaccine on December 29, and injected herself with the Modern vaccine, on live TV, as Biden. “I am very grateful to our health workers, scientists and researchers for making this moment possible,” he wrote in a tweet after the vaccination.
  3. Mike Pence: Harris’ predecessor, acting and outgoing US Vice President, and his wife Karen, shot the Pfizer vaccine on December 18. Pence’s couple, such as Biden and Harris, found their jabs live on television. “I didn’t hear anything. You did well, ”Pence said later.
  4. Benjamin Netanyahu: Israeli Prime Minister was vaccinated for the second time on January 9, after becoming the first Israeli citizen to be vaccinated against Covid-19, on December 20, when he received a shotgun of Pfizer’s vaccine.
  5. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip: A 94-year-old British monarch and her 99-year-old husband were vaccinated on January 9. “The Queen and Governor of Edinburgh today received Covid-19 vaccines,” Buckingham Palace private.
  6. Anil Vij: Although India has approved its first Covid-19 vaccine in January itself, and will launch a vaccination campaign on January 16, Vij, Haryana’s home affairs minister, received a Covaxin gun from Barat Biotech International Limited, during a test on November 20 .
  7. Joko Widodo: Indonesia has approved the Covid-19 vaccine of China’s Sinovac Biotech Limited. President Joko Widodo has announced on social media that he will be the first person to take the vaccine, called CoronaVac. “It’s not about putting yourself first, but about reassuring everyone that this policy is safe and valid,” said Widodo.

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