US NEWS: Joe Biden urges Americans to be economically vaccinated

U.S. President Joe Biden urged Americans on Monday to be vaccinated against coronavirus, stressing that the economy is entirely dependent on controlling the epidemic. “Please, please be vaccinated. Vaccinate now.”

The vaccination campaign in the US began to fall behind as the country faces a growing remnant of the coronavirus vaccine and the expiration dates as countries in the developing world desperately need more vaccines to fight the spread of the disease.

The United States vaccinated 870,000 people every day in early June, showing a dramatic decline from 3.3 million a day on average by mid-April, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said.

Countries have tried to address the doubts of vaccination with millions of dollars in prizes, hunting rifles, marijuana, and free beer but state such as Oklahoma, Tennessee, and North Carolina are showing signs of reducing vaccine demand. Oklahoma has not asked for new doses from the provincial government for more than a month. Tennessee and North Carolina have both vaccinated less than half of their population, reports the Associated Press.

Biden had set a target of administering at least one vaccine to 70% of adults in the country on July 4, but it remained unfulfilled. The President has accused social media of selling false information about the drug and “killing people” by allowing those posts to spread. Facebook retreated after Biden’s remarks on Friday, declaring the case “unsubstantiated”. “Facebook is not the reason for this goal being lost,” the company’s vice-president of integrity, Guy Rosen, wrote in a blog post.

The president tried to rectify the situation on Monday, urging the communications giant not to take matters into his own hands and to do something about the negative injection information available on his site. “I hope that Facebook, instead of thinking of itself as a way of saying that Facebook is killing people, that someone is going to do something with false information,” Biden told a media briefing. “False information about the goal, that’s what I was saying.” add.

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