US NEWS: Johnson says failing to open schools is not an option

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has told colleagues that “failing to open schools is not an option”,

Earlier this month, Johnson said reopening schools in September was a major social, economic and moral priority, stressing that schools would be able to operate safely despite the COVID-19 epidemic.

The Sunday Times reported this month that Johnson had ordered a public relations campaign to ensure schools reopened on time.

Will schools reopen in September in the UK?
Boris Johnson promised to send all children back to school in September, and threatened law enforcement for disobedient parents.

He also wrote in Mbatweni on Sunday stressing that there was a “moral code” to reopen schools

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson made the announcement in July of the government’s plan to send all students back to school in September.

In June Mr Williamson said he would fight the clergy unions for students to be returned to class for reopening in September.

Primary schools and clinics began to reopen on June 1 for admission children, 1st and 6th years and in the classroom.

Secondary schools, sixth form and colleges have been open for face-to-face contact from June 15, providing further clarification in preparation for the crucial 2021 exams.

Minutes from a meeting of the government’s state-of-the-art emergency science advisory team (SAGE) said plans to reopen schools should focus on health and education benefits.

When should schools return?
Schools are due back in the first week of September.

Some schools will go back to the beginning as their summer holidays end in August, such as Leicester and Scotland.

What other changes will schools see?
It is still unclear what could happen when and when schools reopen and there have been several flying proposals.

Schools have been instructed to set aside year-round “on-line protection” to reduce communication and reduce the chance of transmission.

It can involve the onset of fixed stiffness and end times and means that the entire bubble will be sent home and disconnected from it if only one student has a distraction.

Head teachers will be told to follow up on students’ absences and impose sanctions, including fines in some cases.

The NASUWT has called on young people to wear a mask when they study, but this has been humiliated by Labor Minister Kate Green.

He said: “It is very important that people feel safe in school, but it is very important that children’s education is supported.

“Yes, masks are a means of communication between teachers and their students.”

If there are two or more confirmed cases within two weeks, health protection groups may request a large number of other children or young people to isolate themselves from home as safety measures.

That could mean that teams all year round or schools have to separate themselves.

Schools will be sent to the home testing kitchen for any sick children so they can pick them up quickly.

Any local outbreak will see schools closed for everyone but staff are not important either – as in the early days of the epidemic back in March.

If a child has Covid symptoms they should wait to be taken to a room with a closed door and a window open.

Teachers should wear PPE if they have to approach someone with suspicious symptoms.

Schools are instructed to have lunch and breaks, as well as stop and pick-up times, to reduce the number of students traveling at the same time.

They are also advised to consider bringing a one-way system to corals, or by placing a split in the middle to control the movement of children.

Institutions are advised to remove all soft toys or any toys that are difficult to clean.

When they reopened in June, the government told high schools and colleges to suspend their classes.

That means classrooms and workplaces have been redesigned “with two-meter-wide seating arrangements.

“Where very small classes may arise due to a disability, it may be acceptable for more than half of the class, as long as the space is rebuilt.

“Supported staff may be considered in the event of a teacher shortage,” the advice is emphasized.

Willon said that if scientific advice suggests that a “limited number” of children be returned to school, it is his job to allow this to happen.

Recent reports suggest that schools may simply open a section, in defiance of governmental requirements

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