US NEWS: Kanye West is asking fans to sign a petition to get him in the Presidential election

It looks like the star missed the deadline to vote in South Carolina, and is asking for help.

It is not yet clear how important the West is in serving the President. Kanye West is urging supporters to sign a petition asking him to add to the South Carolina presidential election. After his announcement earlier this month that he intends to work for the White House under the banner of The Birthday Party – “because if we win, it’s everyone’s birthday”. He is due to appear in the Oklahoma polls earlier this week, but looks set to miss out on a cut in South Carolina. Both countries have a deadline on Wednesday, according to the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

A twitter sent from a Western account said: “If you are a voter in South Carolina, please sign this application to put me on the ballot. Sponsored by Ye 2020.”

The petition was sponsored by the Kanye 2020 political committee, which filed papers with the FEC this week.

It was not immediately clear if the 43-year-old star – who is said to be worth $ 1.3bn – was about his political ambitions.

Trump and Kanye’s bromance are different
The New York Magazine Intelligencer has hinted that it will not try to replace Mr. Trump, reporting that West adviser Steve Kramer said he was “out”.

The Kanye 2020 committee filed the organisation’s statement form, also known as FEC Form 1.FEC said the next step would be to file a representation statement, or FEC Form 2. This is done when a person raises or spends more than $ 5,000 ($ 3,900), a condition that makes it legal.

As of Friday, there was no Kanye 2020 FEC 2 online record online.

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