US NEWS: Omicron variant of BA.4, BA.5 makes up 70% of the COVID variety in the U.S. – CDC

July 5 – Omicron’s rapid spread of BA.4 and BA.5 lists are estimated to include 70.1% of coronavirus strains in the United States as of July 2, U.S.A. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Tuesday.

BA.4 and BA.5 make up 52% ​​of the U.S. varieties. for the week of June 25. They were added to the World Health Organization’s monitoring list in March and selected as a variety of concerns by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control.

The U.S. The Food and Drug Administration recommended last week that manufacturers of the COVID-19 vaccine modify their stimulant images from this fall to include components designed to combat BA.4 and BA.5.

BA.4 accounted for 16.5% of the variety distributed, the latest data displayed, while BA.5 accounted for 53.6%.

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