US NEWS: Pompeo said US is ‘looking’ to ban TikTok, and China’s other social media apps,

Pompeo said he and President Donald Trump took the reports seriously after India banned the program and Australia is considering doing so.

Mike Pompeo, said the US is “really looking” at the ban on China’s social media apps, including TikTok, days after India has banned the popular video sharing platform. India banned 59 applications and Chinese links, including TikTok and UC Browser, on June 29, alleging that it violated the sovereignty, integrity and security of the country.

In a Monday interview with News Dope’ Pompeo said she and President Donald Trump took the reports seriously after being told by a security guard that India had already banned the app and Australia was considering doing so. “We consider this a priority and we are very serious. We have been working on this issue for a long time, even if it is a Huawei technology problem for your infrastructure – we have traveled globally and we are really developing to find that – we have declared ZTE a threat to American security,

” Pompeo said. “In terms of Chinese apps on people’s phones, I can confirm that the United States will get this one too,” he said, adding that he did not want to go under specifics and could be “close” to any presidential announcement. “But, that’s something we looked at,” he said, continuing to warn Americans that they should be careful about using TikTok, lest they seek their personal information “in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party.

” Pompeo’s comments on Chinese social media apps have come amid growing tensions in bilateral relations with Beijing on many issues, including the outbreak of the coronavirus and the anti-national security law enacted in Hong Kong. The US has blocked Huawei from connecting with its 5G regarding security concerns, and Washington has been pressuring other countries to limit the operation of the Chinese telephone company. India’s recent ban on Chinese apps has become widely known in the US, and some prominent lawmakers have urged the US government to follow that as it is believed the short video sharing app is a major security risk for the country.

Republican Congressman Rick Crawford wrote to Touch that TokTok should go and should have gone yesterday. US National Security Adviser, Robert O’Brien, blamed the Chinese government for using TikTok for its purposes. On TikTok, a Chinese-dominated social network with more than 40 million American users, most of your children, as well as younger colleagues, accounts denouncing the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and Beijing’s policies are regularly removed or removed, O’Brien said in his obvious words. At least two bills are pending in the US Congress to stop government officials from using TikTok on their mobile phones, indicating such a situation could be a strength in the US following India’s decision.

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