US NEWS: Prince Andrew is ‘frustrated’ with allegations that he does not hope to cooperate with the Epstein investigation

Prince Andrew says it is “confusing” the claim by American lawmakers that it has never promised to cooperate with their investigation into the case of convicted Jeffrey Epstein.

Lawyers for the Duke of New York said they had “been contacted twice” by the US Department of Justice last month, but “so far, we have been unable to respond”.

Prince Andrew has known Maxwell, British social worker and daughter of journalist Robert Maxwell, since his university days.Because of his television interviews about his links with Epstein, he is mentioned often.

It was Maxwell, Epstein’s girlfriend at the time, who introduced Prince Andrew to Epstein in 1999, and it was because of him that Epstein spent time in royalty, including Windsor Castle and Sandringham.

In an interview with the media, the official said: “Remember that it was her girlfriend that was the most important thing in this regard. She was, like, again, somehow in that aspect.”

Prince Andrew also spoke of planning for him, not for a birthday party, but for a “direct shooting weekend” at Sandringham, where Epstein was invited.

Maxwell is one of the top cops in Prince Andrew’s alleged affair with Virginia Giuffre Roberts, who was allegedly introduced later and had sex with the prince when he was 17.

Ms Giuffre Roberts says she met the prince on their way to London with Maxwell and Epstein in 2001, and that the meeting took place at Maxwell’s house.

He says a photo of him and Prince Andrew was taken from a house in Belgravia. Ghislaine can be seen behind the picture. Prince Andrew has denied his complaints. In an interview, he said he had no recollection of Mrs Giuffre Roberts’ meeting.

During an interview in November, Prince Andrew confirmed that Maxwell last saw Moswell last spring, “before July” But he said they had never talked about Epstein, who was then arrested and charged with sex trafficking. Epstein’s victims said that Maxwell was steeped in his behavior.

Last month, Prince Andrew’s legal team released a statement denying allegations from US lawmakers that he did not want to talk to them about Epstein, saying he had promised to talk to them on three separate occasions. They want to speak to the prince as a witness, not as a suspect.

Representatives of Duke of York’s lawyers said they had no further comment on the latest developments in connection with Maxwell’s arrest.

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