US NEWS: Republicans, Democrats are experiencing the heavy talk of coronavirus liberation as the last days

WASHINGTON DC- U.S. Republicans and Democrats are embroiled in a bitter debate on Tuesday over how the coronavirus could recover, after Republicans proposed a four-day strike before millions of Americans lost their jobs.

Members of the Senate Republican announced Monday that a $ 6 billion package has been approved by the White House, with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as a systematic and targeted program to revitalize schools and businesses while protecting companies from the law.

But the proposal provoked immediate opposition from Democrats and Republicans. Democrats have never been more limited compared to their $ 3 trillion proposal passed by the House of Representatives in May. Some Republicans are more expensive.

The program will provide more Americans with direct payments of $ 1,200 each, provide billions of small business loans and help schools reopen.

But it could delay the current increased profit from $ 600 a week in addition to unemployment, which expires on Friday, to $ 200.

The added benefit has been the financial line of unemployed workers and significant financial support for consumer spending. Democrats are quick to accuse the cuts as dracons when millions of Americans are unable to return to closed work spaces.

Many Republicans insist that high unemployment rates encourage Americans to stay home rather than return to work.

The Democrat said the $ 200 proposal was not enough and could hurt the economy, but they were ready to negotiate.

“We’re ready to discuss this,” said Stony Hoyer, no. 2 House Democrat, as Media reported.

The controversy involved comes as U.S. coronavirus cases have exceeded 4.3 million, with nearly 150,000 people killed in the country, tens of millions out of work.

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