US NEWS: Republicans fall short of time and money to protect the majority of the Senate

WASHINGTON – Republicans lack the time, money and options to prevent Democrats from winning more seats in the U.S. Senate, and holding full-time Congress, in elections now with just two weeks left.

President Donald Trump’s slide voting campaign carried Republicans to 10 seats in the race, while Democrats played defensively in two seats, increasing the chances of Trump’s Republican losing 53-47 majority on November 3.

That gives Democrats a good chance to add a majority of the Senate to their House of Representatives, which could suspend Trump for a second term or usher in a new era of Democratic rule in Washington if Democratic Alliance candidate Joe Biden wins the White House.

“The Republican Party must begin to think about what it can save between now and November 3,” said Republican strategist Rory Cooper, a former one-time aide to former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

While the people’s reforms were expected to work for a long time for Republican presidents, including Thom Tillis of North Carolina, Martha McSally of Arizona and Cory Gardner of Colorado, powerful Republican senators, including Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Joni Ernst of Iowa, who also faced opposition.

Americans voted early in the morning at an unprecedented pace as they sought ways to avoid the risk of coronavirus that killed an estimated 220,000 people in the United States. 28 million people voted early.

Democrats have also reported an increase in campaign contributions late, upsetting Republicans in 12 races competing for about $ 190 million – $ 315 million v. $ 128 million – in the third quarter, according to Federal Election Commission documents.

But Democrats had little profit with cash in hand, reporting about $ 106 million v. $ 83 million for Republicans.

Republicans see “clear signs that there is no way forward,” as one Republican aide says, unless incumbents find ways to distance themselves from Trump and his administration of the epidemic without dividing his supporters.

But not all the rejection and gloom for the Republicans, who believe they can still get a majority of 51 seats by taking Democratic seats in Alabama and Michigan and rejecting Democrat victories in North Carolina, Iowa and other Republican strongholds.

“We have eight to ten races which are faulty races. There is no way in the world to suggest that those things are over, ”said Whit Ayres, the country’s leading Republican inspector. “They are far from accessible.”

The commemoration of Trump’s astonishing victory four years ago after votes showed his rival Hillary Clinton a low, bright new for candidates and Democratic voters.

In the final weeks of the campaign, those in power in the Republic want to focus on their race, not Trump.

Some have turned him down. Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse, who is expected to easily win the new election, told attendees this week that Trump was “selling his allies” and “treating the presidency as a business opportunity,” the Washington Examiner reported last week, quoting audio recordings. Sasse’s office confirmed the comment to the Inspector.

Republican Senator John Cornyn, who is contesting Democrat MJ Hegar in Texas, told Fort Worth Star-Telegram that he secretly opposed Trump, likening his relationship with the president to “married women who thought they were going to change their mates, and that rarely worked well. ”

Embattled McSally in Arizona and Montana of Steve Daines are working to combat the onslaught of Democracy on their health care records by presenting themselves as protectors of people with pre-existing conditions.

The sex scandal surrounding North Carolina Democrat Democrat Cal Cunningham has raised hopes of Republicans rejecting Democrats’ victory in a province seen as something that could be a point.

“That is a very difficult situation for Democrats to reach out to. If they can’t rely on that, life will be very difficult for them, ”said a Republican strategist who has participated in several important Senate races.

Polls show that the North Carolina race is in full swing with Cunningham leading the Republican Senator Tillis.

Upcoming Senate voting for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett could also motivate Tillis’ conservative voters, as well as Iowa Justice Committee Chairman Graham, a three-year Senator and Trump’s running mate and Democrat Jaime. Harrison.

But even as he approached the Senate confirmation by Barrett, Graham last week recognized his party’s stance in the voting election.

“You will have a good chance of winning the White House,” he told his Democratic Alliance allies on Thursday, the last day of Barrett’s trial.

Even if all the votes are counted, it is possible that control of the Senate will not be decided until January. That’s because of two Georgia races that could go to the runoffs.

In one of the Georgia races, Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler received controversial remarks from Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican US House candidate who spoke out in support of the “QAnon” conspiracy that Trump is fighting “deep” traitors, child molesters and abusers. The FBI has linked QAnon with domestic activists.

Georgia’s recent vote shows Loeffler and Republican Doug Collins following Democrat Raphael Warnock, pastor at Martin Luther King Jr’s Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta.

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