US NEWS: Russia’s security chief is “trying to discredit Joe Biden” to run in the US election

Russia, China and Iran have all been accused of trying to interfere in the US election, and Moscow has said it favors Donald Trump.

Joe Biden appears to be the front-runner ahead of the November election

Russia is trying to overthrow former Democratic Alliance President Joe Biden ahead of the US election, a US official said.

William Evanina, director of the US National Security Agency, said officials were also concerned about the “possible continued operation of China and Iran” in connection with the election.

He blames the Kremlin for plotting to overthrow Mr Benben in the White House, and Beijing and Tehran are said to want Donald Trump elected.

Donald Trump says it is easy for other countries to intervene by postal votes

‘If Biden becomes president, China will belong to the US’
In a statement issued on Friday, Mr Evanina said officials believed Moscow was working to “overthrow” Mr Bitenen, who noted that voting in the general election was in the process of being held in November.

“Many foreign players are interested in who won the election, which they have presented with a plethora of unofficial statements and independent statements.

“We are saddened by the ongoing work done by China, Russia and Iran.”

Mr Evanina added: “We think that Russia is using a lot of methods to address the former president of Biden and what he sees as Russia’s resilience.

“This is in line with Moscow’s public criticism of him during his presidency as part of Obama’s administration policy in Ukraine and his support for anti-Putin opponents within Russia.”

In a statement, he also referred to Andrii Derkach, a Ukrainian politician who worked to quell the alleged corruption allegations against Mr Biten and his son Hunter.

Hunter Biden sat on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian natural gas company, which focused on Mr Trump’s attack last year.

Vladimir Putin’s administration has criticized Mr. Bilen earlier
Russia has been accused of helping Mr Trump win the 2016 election by overthrowing his rival Hillary Clinton.

Mrs. Clinton’s campaign is aimed at blocking emails just days before Americans are hit by topics and voting and voting.

Mr Trump’s campaign was also accused of conspiring with Russia to win the election, which he denied.

Former special adviser Robert Mueller then launched an investigation.

It concluded that the Russian interference took place “in a theoretical and orderly manner”, but “did not mean that members of the Trump campaign were conspiring or affiliated with the Russian government”.

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