US NEWS: The cut-off of unemployment benefits in the US puts millions on the financial fringes

The new aid bill will be extended during March for self-employment and non-working support programs for more than half a year. It also provides another $ 300 a week in mid-March to all those who receive unemployment benefits, another 20.3 million people.

When the U.S. Congress passed a pandemic relief bill on Monday, Meghan Meyer, a single mother from Lincoln, Nebraska, thought she would find relief from the daily struggle to feed and care for her two children during unprecedented health and economic problems.

But the next day President Donald Trump declared the long-awaited package “disgraceful” and said he would not sign it into law, cutting off some of the spending habits and demanding that it include large checks to encourage the majority of Americans.

Over the weekend, he had refused to move.

That leaves Meyer, who has been on unpaid medical leave for his TJ Maxx customer service work since May because he is at risk of a strong Covid, facing a financial crisis. He is one of an estimated 14 million Americans benefiting from unemployment emergencies, introduced by Congress when the epidemic began in March and ended on Saturday.

“I don’t know what to do,” Meyer, 39, told Reuters during a telephone interview. To reach 2020, Meyer said she has had to rely on friends and plans to help put food on the table, pay her rent, pay for family dog ​​dogs, and buy her children Christmas presents.

“I held my hand,” he said.

The new aid bill will be extended during March for self-employment and non-working support programs for more than half a year. It also provides another $ 300 a week in mid-March to all those who receive unemployment benefits, another 20.3 million people. It also extends beyond January a moratorium on evictions due to expire on December 31 and provides $ 25 billion in emergency employment assistance.

Many economists agree that this assistance is inadequate and will be much needed after Democratic Alliance President Joe Biden took office on January 20. Biden called the law “a down payment.”

According to Trump’s personal secretary general Treasurer Steven Mnuchin, and Republican Party leaders, the constitution was transferred to the Florida president’s residence on holiday, pending his possible signature. In a tweet on Saturday, Trump expressed his unwillingness to sign the bill, though lawmakers urged him to show determination during the Christmas season.

“I just want to get our big people $ 2000, instead of getting an estimated $ 600,” he wrote on Twitter, referring to the bill test, while continuing to mock the November election as he made baseless allegations about electoral fraud.

Trump had not criticized the terms of the aid package before he went before the House of Representatives and the Senate to vote.

As the epidemic worsens the economy in March, Congress rushed the immediate unemployment benefits as part of the $ 2 trillion CARES Act. At the time, lawmakers did not think the service would be needed beyond Christmas and, until last weekend, could not reach an agreement to extend the benefits.

Meyer, like others, has seen his benefits dwindle over the past six months after the CARES program that gave him $ 600 a week in unemployment benefits ended in July and he continued to complete his Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation.

That left him with an extended benefit of just $ 154 a week until Saturday, which would increase to $ 454 if Trump releases and signs the bill. If he doesn’t, Meyer won’t get anything.

“The difference is whether we have enough food or not, whether I can afford my car insurance, or whether I can get gas to go to the food bank,” he said.

Meyer said he voted for Trump in 2016 but was soon dismissed for his behavior in office, and described his disapproval of the aid package as “corrupt.”

‘Press’ on growth

Labor growth in the US has slowed down after the first recession when orders for summer residence were issued, and a new wave of coronavirus infection now threatens to reverse recovery.

Andrew Stettner, an official at the non-aligned think tank The Century Foundation, said the delay in freedom would delay recovery if more Americans were vaccinated and life returned to normal by 2021.

“If you don’t have this money circulating in the economy, it will squeeze things out,” Stettner said.

Like Meyer, the vast majority of people who are no longer eligible for unemployment benefits will remain penniless, as many provinces provide little help, he said.

An estimated 9 million Americans who would not be able to get unemployment insurance, including self-employed and gig workers, would receive Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) until it expires and other CARES programs on Saturday, Stettner said.

Among them was singer Marji Rawson, 54, of Ann Arbor, Michigan, who was to perform at the annual booth at art festivals across the country.

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