US NEWS: The postmaster general of the United States promises postal election on time, a ‘big’ change in the background

Washington – U.S. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy on Friday told lawmakers that the Post Service would deliver votes “safely and timely” to the November presidential election, but indicated he would follow a major change later that day.

DeJoy faced direct questions at a Senate meeting from Democrats, accusing a Republican donor of trying to run for president Donald Trump.

Republicans have strongly defended DeJoy, saying the Post Office needs to be improved. “I’m sorry you’re close to targeting this political party,” Senate Homon Security Committee chairman Ron Johnson told him.

The governing body of the Port Service plans to announce that DeJoy is “fully supported,” according to the person given the information. “Americans should feel free that the Post Office will launch this election,” he told the Senate Homeland Security Committee.

But DeJoy stressed that overtime and other cost-cutting measures would be needed to finance the $ 9 billion service loss that last year. There could be big changes after November, he said.

DeJoy, who has donated $ 2.7 million to Trump and other Republicans since 2016, has denied allegations that he was trying to undermine confidence in the Post Office election before half of American voters could vote by mail in part because of the coronavirus epidemic.

Trump has repeatedly said without proof that the increase in ballot papers could lead to further fraud, even though he personally voted by post. Trump said last week he was opposed to additional funding for the Post Office because it could lead to more use of postal voting.

Experts say that it is as safe as any other method.

US Post Director General Laster Louis DeJoy proposes a chart showing the recent cancellation of additional or late mail delivery between June 1 – August 17, 2020 as he testifies with a video feed on a screenshot made during the actual hearing of the U.S. Senate Homeland Security. and the Government Affairs Committee entitled “Audit and Performance of US Postal Services during the COVID-19 Elections and the Upcoming Elections” in Washington, US, August 21, 2020. Senate Homeland Security and U.S. Government Affairs.

DeJoy said he had not spoken to Trump or White House Staff campaigner Mark Meadows about the performance of the postal service.

He said postal workers would deliver 95 percent of the election emails within three days, as they had done in the 2018 congressional elections. Post increases will not be a problem for the Post Office, which sees huge increases before Christmas and Mother’s Day, she said.

He also added that he would vote in person by post. However, DeJoy said he would not return the e-mail editing machines and mailboxes that had been removed from work in recent weeks, saying they were common responses to paper volume changes, which have declined in the disease. He said he had not ordered such changes.

After taking over the job in June, DeJoy set a down payment for overtime, setting sales hours and limits on past postal travels that led to delays across the country.

Major changes can be saved after the election. DeJoy urged administrators to allow the Post Office Service to raise prices and pressure lawmakers to reduce retirement costs. He said the coronavirus epidemic cost $ 10 billion in services.

The Washington Post reported on Friday that DeJoy had proposed higher tariffs for other provinces and called for election votes to use First Class postings instead of more expensive services, among other changes.

“We are considering a major change to improve service delivery,” he said. Republican Senator Rand Paul said he should consider appointing another 630,000 service staff.

Senator Gary Peters, senior Democrat on the Senate Homeland Security Committee,

he said he had received more than 7,500 reports of postal delays from his home in Michigan.

“If you plan to continue following these changes, I think my colleagues, and many of our region, will continue to ask if you are the right person to lead this very important community center,” Peters said.

Delaware Senator Tom Carper was caught red-handed in the wake of his dismissal as he struggled with technical issues over video footage.

Six officials and the Columbia region sued DeJoy on Friday, saying the change in services had damaged their ability to conduct free and fair elections.

The majority of Democrats in the House of Representatives demanded that DeJoy be fired. DeJoy will testify there on Monday.

The House is expected to vote on Saturday on a bill that will provide $ 25 million to the Post Office and require DeJoy to postpone his reforms.

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