US NEWS: The president is no longer at risk of transmitting the coronavirus

Mr Trump has previously made numerous unsubstantiated allegations against his rivals in a speech at the White House.

Donald Trump’s doctor said the US president is no longer at risk of passing hours of coronavirus after he returned to the campaign.

White House physician Sean Conley said Mr Trump had conducted a COVID-19 test on Saturday which showed he was no longer a “risk of transmission to others”.

Mr Conley continued in a statement: “Now by the 10th day since the onset of symptoms, the absence of the flu has lasted more than 24 hours and all symptoms have improved, the detection of advanced tests shows that there is no evidence of recurrence of the virus.”

The White House did not immediately comment on whether Mr Conley’s statement indicated that the president had been tested for the virus.

Mr Trump had previously urged his supporters to vote for his rivals in “corruption” during his first public campaign since being treated for the disease.

Hundreds of supporters gathered on the grass in the White House wearing T-shirts and similar hats when the President addressed them on the balcony on Saturday evening.

It was his first public event since he was released from hospital earlier this week following his diagnosis by COVID-19 – and he is also planning a meeting in Florida on Monday.

Mr. Trump sang songs for “another four years” and “we love you” as he talked about the law and order, the coronavirus, allegedly anti-voting, and other issues in a short speech by his standards.

Most of the crowd wore masks but many were not familiar with the public.

As the president continued to vote less than a month before the election, he said his support was three times higher than when he was elected.

The president also said he was “feeling good” after being discharged from hospital a few days ago.

He had previously said he was not on antiretroviral drugs and may not have a coronavirus or “under-the-counter” status.

He appeared to be referring to “driving” outside the hospital last Sunday – while greeting fans – Mr Trump said he had no regrets, despite criticism for endangering the lives of Secret Service staff.

Mr Trump said the United States would “defeat the deadly Chinese virus” and said a vaccine was imminent and would soon be distributed to the military.

“We are developing powerful therapies and drugs, and we are repairing the sick … and the vaccine is coming out faster and recording time as you know – it will come out very quickly.”

Many vaccines are in the advanced stage of testing following encouraging results, but it is unclear which ones can be signed and available for widespread use.

The President said that although there were “outbreaks” in various countries, COVID-19 “is disappearing, vaccines will help, therapists will be very helpful”.

Responding to his rival for the presidency, Joe Biden, accused him of “betraying” black and Latin American Americans, saying the Democrats had failed in the inner cities.

He said a few racist voters instead welcomed his “work plan, co-workers, police force, and American program”.

He also pointed out that postal votes were “thrown out” with his name – which critics believe he could use to hold on to power when elections are imminent.

The White House event came after proposals for a second presidential debate – which could not be held – were canceled.

The debate committee has now said it will focus on preparing for the final debate on October 22 – a few weeks before the bidding date on November 3.

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