US NEWS: The Republican Congress is abandoning the race after supporting gun control

June 4 – A Republican congressman who came out in support of gun control in the aftermath of a mass shootout in his area has walked out of re-election on Friday amid mounting criticism by Republicans who see a change in his policy as a party betrayal.

Chris Jacobs, who is representing the first American party in Buffalo, New York, said he had decided to withdraw to avoid the “divisive elections” of the Republican Party.

Jacobs welcomed the government’s ban on assault rifles and other gun control measures last week after two massacres. Authorities say a white gunman killed 10 black people inside a supermarket on May 14 in a racist incident, and a gunman killed 19 schoolchildren and two teachers in another incident in Uvalde, Texas, on May 24.

“This has had a huge impact on me,” Jacobs told Buffalo News, referring to the Buffalo shooting.

The retreat came quickly. Fighting rights groups filed his office numbers and cell phones online and party leaders began to support him, reports The New York Times.

“The last thing we need is a vicious media attack, full of incomplete truth funded by millions of specials coming to our community about the issue of guns and violence and gun control,” Jacobs told reporters Friday. his withdrawal.

Jacobs was elected to the 27th New York State Conference two years ago with the support of the National Rifle Association but is now in the 23rd re-drawn region.

The Republican candidate will be elected in the August general election. 23 before the November 8 national election, when the whole House of Representatives will be decided.

Republicans are ready to regain control of Democrats in a divided House, as the ruling White House party traditionally loses seats in Congress in mid-year elections.

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