US NEWS: The Supreme Court vacancy begins to ring at the end of the U.S. race

WASHINGTON – Donald Trump’s campaign has begun selling T-shirts “Fill that chair” as his Republican Party talks about the U.S. presidential record. To select “legal” legislators.

Democrats tell voters that electing a traditional candidate in the country’s highest court will have a negative impact on a variety of social issues, including health care and women’s rights.

The Supreme Court vacancy created by the death of Friday’s Bad Bader Ginsburg quickly turned into an appeal to run in the November election, with the aim of having the majority of decent voters 6-3 in an already divisive contest.

With several ways to stop Trump from electing a successor to Ginsburg on Saturday, as well as a dark period of legal action that the vote will take place anytime before November 3, Democrats have said they will use the issue to mobilize supporters.

“We will mobilize Americans to fight this by identifying the consequences of court appearances on the right side,” said US Senator Chris Van Hollen of Maryland.

A senior Democratic strategist in Wisconsin’s war zone said the message among voters was that no matter what happened in the Ginsburg seat, they must elect Democrats if they wanted to defend the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

The Supreme Court is due to hear oral arguments just a week after November 3 in a Republic-led court of law, including provisions that provide people with the existing conditions.

Democratic volunteers spent the weekend on cell phones urging voters to return their off-duty votes immediately, said the strategist, who spoke on condition of anonymity in order to disclose the party’s tactics and plans.

“It determined the intensity, from 11 to 12,” said the strategist.

Since Ginsburg’s death was announced on Friday night, Democratic donors have donated more than $ 100 million online to candidates and parties through ActBlue, the digital fundraising platform used by the party. Rates from ActBlue’s Republican counterpart, WinRed, were not available.

Trump’s aides, meanwhile, are pleased that the focus of the election has shifted, at least temporarily, to the Supreme Court’s presidential response to the coronavirus, according to sources inside and outside the White House.

“Trump would rather run his campaign through the Supreme Court than do a poll on his COVID administration,” said Republican strategist Alex Conant.

The Republican National Committee on Monday sent a statement to state party officials – referring to Trump’s main gospel and the basis for determination – stating that Trump “has a duty to fill the seat” and that his court decisions “will support the Constitution and the law.”

The Supreme Court has taken the lead in Trump’s campaign, although one of the campaign officials has seen fit to continue talking about the economy.

Court space – and how the Republican Party decides to direct anyone nominated through the affirmative process – could also play a major and unexpected role in Senate races, with Republicans holding the 53-47 majority.

Steve Schmidt, founder of the Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump faction of Republicans and former Republicans, said forcing a nominee would jeopardize the Senate party administration.

A Ipsos poll released on Sunday found that 62% of Americans want the winner of the November presidential election to name a new administration, while 23% disagree and some say they are unsure.

The Lincoln Project has announced a TV advertising campaign aimed at U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham, who wants to be re-elected in South Carolina.

Graham countered efforts by former Democratic Alliance President Barack Obama to fill a vacant Supreme Court seat in 2016, saying it was not appropriate to do so in the election year, but said he would support any Trump move to fill the Ginsburg seat.

A Democratic Senate strategist who requested anonymity said the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee would fund any race that could affect any vote for Ginsburg’s replacement, including in Colorado, where a Republican U.S. senator. Cory Gardner in danger.

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