US NEWS: The U.S. allocate $ 14 billion for the expansion of ports and so the development of waterways

WASHINGTON, Jan 19 – Biden officials on Wednesday said they may fund $ 14 billion in projects to develop the country’s ports and waterways in an exceedingly shot to increase climate resilience, improve drinkable resources and strengthen the US supply chain.

The funds, for the 2022 year, have targeted quite 500 projects in 52 states and territories, including the Everglades of Florida and also the Port of metropolis in California, the White House said in an exceedingly statement.

“These key activities will strengthen the country’s supply chain, provide new economic opportunities across the country, and strengthen our defenses against action,” he said.

The allocation stems from President Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan, which was passed into law last year with the support of Congress and one in every of the key elements of the Democratic domestic agenda.

Among the projects led by the military Corps of Engineers is $ 1.1 billion to require care of the Everglades south of Florida, which provides water to quite 8 million people within the province, officials said.

Corps will direct $ 1.7 billion to reduce the prospect of internal floods by 15 projects and $ 645 million to reduce the danger of coastal floods through 15 other nationwide projects including costal Louisiana, Norfolk, Virginia, and Stockton, California.

Forty percent of the funding are visiting be directed to global global climate change and energy efficiency in poorer communities, officials said.

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