US NEWS: The U.S. Department of Energy developing a six-billion-dollar nuclear power plant

WASHINGTON, Feb 12 – The U.S. Department of Energy said on Friday it was seeking the views of service providers, communities and lawyers as it develops its new plan to develop the $ 6 billion nuclear debt industry.

A bilingual infrastructure bill passed last year has given DOE the task of building a Public Nuclear Credit Scheme to distribute credit to the nuclear industry.

Nuclear power produces energy-free emissions that are suspected of climate change, but the industry has lost 12 generators since 2013 during the competition for renewable energy and more natural gas-fired power plants. In addition, security costs have risen since the 2011 tsunami in Japan’s Fukushima factory.

“We’re moving very fast,” said Andrew Griffith, DOE’s deputy secretary general of the nuclear fuel and supply chain chain in a discussion on the implementation of the debt plan. “But we also want to fix it.” The law aims to assist reactors in provinces with competitive energy markets.

Under the scheme, owners or operators of U.S. reactors. they can bid on loans to support their ongoing operations. Applications must confirm that the reactors will shut down for economic reasons and indicate that the shutdown will lead to an increase in air pollution. Debts will be allocated to department-approved reactors for a period of four years.

The DOE could spend $ 1.2 billion over the next four years and the final four-year term ends in 2035. Officials hope the program could begin to help one or more plants this year.

“The US nuclear power plant is critical to achieving the climate goals of President (Joe) Biden and the DOE is committed to keeping carbon-free electricity flowing and preventing premature shutdown,” said Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm.

Managers are also keen to maintain the highest paying union activities in the industry.

The law directs the department to prioritize plants using locally produced uranium for fuel production, although it is uncertain whether the program will help boost the U.S. uranium mine among cheap products from Canada, Kazakhstan and Russia and the opposition of naturalists.

The United States has spent billions of dollars on a program to permanently dispose of waste from nuclear power plants on Yvca Mountain in Nevada, a project that for decades was finally rejected during the country’s recession.

At present waste is stored at power stations nationwide in used petrol pools and in solid boxes. Biden officials want local communities willing to handle nuclear waste storage facilities.

Griffith said public opinion on the debt system would help guide decisions. “We are looking at broader perspectives, not just on services, but on communities and those who have managed these services because that is the most important word.”

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