US NEWS: The U.S. Senate will vote on Wednesday on an abortion rights bill, Schumer said

May 9 – The U.S. Senate will vote on a law to consolidate abortion rights on Wednesday following a flawed ruling that the Supreme Court is determined to overturn its 1973 landmark decision Roe v. Wade, Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer said on Sunday.

“Every American will see what every Senator stands for,” Schumer said in a statement to state leaders in New York. Republicans “can no longer.

The democrat said he would apply on Monday and the 100-seat committee voted on the bill on Wednesday.

Schumer called the decision “disgusting,” noting that the majority of Americans want to protect the right to abortion and health care for women.

“Election should not be a minority of right-wing judges. Voting should not be limited to a handful of right-wing politicians. It is a woman’s right. It is clear and simple,” she said.

Last week a draft decision was reached stating that the majority of the country’s highest court would vote to dismiss Roe v. Wade, which is an official example that guarantees that Americans have abortions.

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