US NEWS: The U.S. The CDC confirms the evidence for the transmission of the monopoly

June 23 – U.S. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said there was evidence of monkeypox infection, in addition to reports of cases of people traveling abroad.

These cases are more common in men who have sex with men, but women are also infected, said CDC member, Dr. Agam Rao, at a council meeting on Thursday.

Monkeypox, a viral disease that causes ulcers on the skin, is rampant in parts of Africa. But the current outbreak is affecting countries where the virus has not yet spread, causing concern.

The CDC said there had also been reports of infection between family members and close relatives.

“We also hear from all over the world about contacting close people and close family members, for example, sharing bedding, towels, getting sick,” Rao said. “So it’s not just intimate communication that is being circulated.”

The outbreak associated with the current outbreak is also smaller than that of conventional monometers, according to the public health center.

CDC last month published guidelines recommending the application of the Bavarian Nordic’s (BAVA.CO) Jynneos policy to laboratory staff and other at-risk individuals, making another vaccine available over Emergent BioSolutions’ (EBS.N) ACAM2000.

Earlier on Thursday, New York City opened a temporary clinic that will provide Jynneos two-dose vaccine to eligible people who may be infected with monkeypox, including gay and bisexual men.

Although there have been cases of acute myocarditis associated with ACAM2000, no such cases have been reported after the use of Jynneos, the CDC said.

There is a limited supply of Jynneos and the agency is considering how to use the asset properly, it said.

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