US NEWS: The US appoints Qatar as a non-NATO alliance

WASHINGTON: Demonstrating the “importance of its bilateral relations”, and its status as a “good friend and capable partner”, the United States has decided to appoint Qatar as a non-NATO alliance, US President Joe Biden announced Monday in time. a visit by Qatari official Sheikh Tamim Al-Thani to Washington DC.

At a joint press conference with the Qatari leader, Biden said, “Over the past year, our relations with Qatar have been at the heart of many of our most important aspirations – to transport tens of thousands of Afghans; maintaining stability in Gaza and providing life-saving assistance to the Palestinian people; to maintain pressure on ISIS and to prevent threats throughout the Middle East; many more.”

Biden pointed out that the US and Qatar had similar interests “in ensuring the stability of the global power supply”. The US relies on Qatar, among other things, to intervene in the supply of natural gas in the event of a conflict with Russia, which threatens Russia’s gas supply to Europe.

The US president also spoke about trade and investment relations between the two countries, applauding the $ 20 billion order made by Qatar Airways and Boeing on Monday.

The US has designated 18 countries, including Pakistan, as non-NATO allies. Unlike its NATO counterparts, its defense becomes the responsibility of the coalition, the appointment does not involve a defense commitment – but it does enable the country to achieve military and financial benefits.

Biden called Qatar’s inclusion as a major non-NATO organization “too late”. He then sent a letter to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President of the Senate, stating, “I hold this position in recognition of Qatar’s many years of contribution to US-led efforts in the US Central Command and the US.

At a recent forum, the top administration said the US was “very grateful” to Qatar for its assistance in Afghanistan – including serving as the first destination for 60,000 people from Afghanistan and joining the US and international community in spreading the word. for the Taliban the need for an inclusive government and respect for human rights.

Qatar has played a key role in negotiations between the US and the Taliban, although contrary to the terms of the peace process signed in Doha, the Afghan government collapsed, there was a disastrous withdrawal of US troops, and the Taliban regained full control after fleeing a violent country last year.

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