US NEWS: The US breaks the international record for Covid cases Important things to know

The United States on Monday recorded a new daily record of coronavirus cases with more than a million people diagnosed with the virus. According to John Hopkins University data, the country entered 1.06 million stages of infection. The figures are almost double the previous record, set a few days ago.

This comes as the Omicron variant sweeps across the country, leading to a sharp rise in daily illnesses, canceled flights, closed schools and offices and frustrated hospitals.

Here are some important facts to know about surgery:

1. Despite the increase in Covid cases, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shortened the separation period to five days for people without asymptomatic symptoms who were diagnosed with Covid-19.

2. The organization has urged people to get their test results before they go out again, officials said.

3. In the new surgery, the death of Covid-19 has not increased yet as the spike is largely driven by the Omicron variant. According to earlier studies, the Omicron variant spreads faster than previous models but causes softer symptoms.

4. The attack also put a lot of pressure on checkpoints, where holidaymakers wait in long lines to be tested. Immediate diagnosis at home also flies on the shelves of pharmacies as the infection spreads rapidly across the country.

5. According to a Bloomberg report, the actual number of infections could be reported less as Americans do not report home test results to official government officials.

6. The increase in the number of cases also comes as millions of students prepare to return to school, leading to a record increase in Covid-19 children’s hospitals.

7. According to CDC data, an average of 378 children are admitted to hospitals daily with Covid-19 for the week ending December 28. That was a 66% jump last week, reports CNN. The number also broke the previous record of 342 mid-term placement, which was set during a separate Delta operation, earlier this year.

8. Most people who have been hospitalized for Covid-19 have not been vaccinated against the disease, reports say. Although Omicron is spreading faster than its predecessors, it is less likely to cause severe symptoms in vaccinated people.

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