US NEWS: The US government is opening an $ 1.5 billion infrastructure funding program

WASHINGTON, Jan 28 – The United States Department of Transportation on Friday said it would open a $ 1.5 billion multi-infrastructure program.

In November, the department provided $ 90 billion worth of projects in 47 provinces.

Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg said the funds “will support more projects than ever before, and help make our transportation system safer, more accessible and more stable for people across the country.”

Under the $ 1 trillion infrastructure bill signed into law by President Joe Biden, the Department of Transport will receive $ 660 billion over five years, including $ 210.5 billion in competitive grants. Of that $ 71 billion for new grant programs.

Biden made rebuilding the US infrastructure an integral part of his domestic agenda.

The department will review proposals on safety, environmental sustainability, quality of life, economic competitiveness, state of affairs, co-operation and innovation, mobility and social media.

Buttigieg will be in Kansas on Friday to discuss the new benefits plan.

Environmental groups such as the Sierra Club claim that the U.S. must do more than rebuild existing roads and bridges but also reduce the number of passenger vehicles and dramatically improve public transport.

Grants released under the Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) last year rebuilt roads and added railways – creating new green spaces, railways, bike lanes and safe pedestrian lanes and bus and dock routes to be replaced.

Seattle has secured $ 20 million to rebuild a 1.1-mile stretch of road and add a bike lane. Washington County, Oregon received $ 12.2 million on a 15-mile route.

Charlotte, North Carolina received $ 15 million for the construction of a new public transportation center and New Orleans won $ 18.5 million to improve transportation revenue.

Applications for new grants will come in April, and the prizes will be announced in August.

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