US NEWS: The US reports the first Omicron case in California. What we know so far

The United States has announced its first certified Omicron case, a new version of Covid, for a recently returned South African traveler. This is the first known case of this new species, which was first identified by South African scientists in the US, as several reports now indicate that something different existed in Europe before South Africa reported the first case. Much about the new diversity is not yet known, but its emergence has created new concerns around the world as most countries set travel limits.

Here’s what we know about the US ‘1st Omicron case:

  1. The traveler was fully vaccinated against Covid but did not receive any booster dose.
  2. This person returned to South Africa on November 22. All contacts have found out that they do not have it.
  3. The man was diagnosed with the virus on November 29 and was confined to solitary confinement.
  4. Currently, the patient is recovering from these symptoms. “We feel very good that this patient not only had mild symptoms but actually the symptoms seemed to be getting better,” said US health official Anthony Fauci.
  5. The San Francisco Department of Health and the California State Department of Health jointly confirmed the case by issuing a statement that the exceptions had been obtained as a result of government tests and genetic monitoring.
  6. According to reports, the passenger began his return trip to the United States on November 21 and arrived in San Francisco on November 22.
  7. On November 25, the person developed symptoms again after three days of testing. The sequence was developed by the University of California.
  8. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is not investigating any other possible Omicron cases in the US, reports say.
  9. New variants identified within 30 hours “from the time of collection to filter information”, have been stated.
  10. The Governor of California said there is no reason to panic but everyone should be vigilant.

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