US NEWS: The US will announce sanctions next week to mark Biden’s democratic conference

WASHINGTON, Dec 3 – The US Treasury Department will impose a number of sanctions on next week for the US Democracy Summit, which focuses on corruption, human rights abuses and undermining democracy, among other things, a finance ministry spokesman said on Friday.

The Treasury Department declined to provide any details about the sanctions. These plans were first reported by the Wall Street Journal.

The Treasury Department will also announce proposals designed to close loopholes that allow corrupt officials to exploit the housing market and to crack down on transparent corporate practices that allow corruption to flourish and illegal profits to enter the United States, a spokesman said.

“Treasury will take a number of steps to appoint people who commit atrocities that undermine democracy and democratic institutions around the world, including corruption, oppression, organized crime and human rights abuses,” he said.

The first such summit next week is a test of President Joe Biden’s vaccination, announced in his inaugural foreign policy statement in February, that he will return the United States to world leadership to face Chinese and Russian-led authorities.

Rights groups are questioning whether the Biden conference can pressure invited invited world leaders, some of whom are accused of harboring a dictatorship, to take appropriate action.

There are 110 participants in the Department of State invitation to the special event on December 9 and 10, which aims to help stop the demise of democracy and the erosion of rights and freedoms around the world. The list does not include China or Russia.

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