US NEWS: The US will not conduct anti-satellite missile tests, Harris said

WASHINGTON, April 19 – The United States will announce on Monday that it will not conduct an anti-satellite missile test (ASAT), after criticizing a similar Russian test for endangering the International Space Station.

US Vice President Kamala Harris, chair of the National Space Council, will announce the US sanctions on Vandenberg Space Force Base in California.

The ban, the first of its kind by the nation, is part of Biden’s management strategy to promote land use, and Harris will urge other nations to do the same.

“This commitment addresses one of the most pressing threats to security and stability in the country, as evidenced by the ASAT missile test of Russia in November 2021. The People’s Republic of China conducted a similar inspection in 2007,” the White House said in a statement. a statement, which describes the nature of Harris’ announcement on Monday.

Russia on Nov. 15 introduced an anti-satellite missile test that struck a disused Soviet-era spy satellite on Earth’s Earth, creating at least 1,632 pieces of space debris, according to the U.S. website. Space Force of orbiting objects.

U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has condemned the experiment at the time as “negligent and negligent,” as the debris center posed a threat to active orbit satellites and forced U.S. astronauts aboard the International Space Station, an orbital research laboratory primarily owned by orbit. -NASA. and the Russian space station Roscosmos.

The announcement also comes amid increased US intelligence cooperation with Ukraine as the Russian offensive continues.

Western experts were concerned that intelligence-based satellites could be targeted and shot by Russia during the conflict.

The White House said the debris created by the experiment now threatens satellites and other space objects that are important to all nations interested in security, economics, and science, and increases the risk to space astronauts.

The United States first signed its support for a ban on satellite weapons testing in December.

The United States, China and India are the only countries that have created debris from satellite weapons tests in the past, the only Chinese protest in 2007 that has spawned the largest debris.

“Conflict or confrontation in space is inevitable, and the United States wants to ensure that the outside world remains free of conflicts,” the White House said in a statement.

“Authorities have made it clear that the United States will negotiate with the international community to maintain and strengthen global order based on local laws.”

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